Top 6 Kitesurfing Accessories For Every Kitesurfer

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Sure, a great kiteboard is one of the best gifts that you can give an avid kiteboarding enthusiast, but chances are, your kitesurfer friend already has a board. And getting them a wetsuit, kite, or harness is also a good gift, but again, they probably already have them.

So, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best kitesurfing accessories that you can pick up for the person in your life who loves to kitesurf. Or, if you are the kitesurfer in your life, then here are a few kitesurfing accessories that you can treat yourself with. Read on for the top kitesurfing accessories.

Top Kitesurfing Accessories for Every Kitesurfer

Electric Kite Pumps

This is possibly the best accessory that you can give your kitesurfing friend (or treat yourself with), on the market. Electric kite pumps make it so much easier to set up your kite than ever before, so that you don’t have to fumble around with it and jump into the water as soon as possible.

When you use an electric kite pump, you can completely avoid having to break a sweat or tire yourself out trying to pump your kite out by hand under the blazing hot sun. Sure, getting all hot and sweaty before getting in the water can make the experience more refreshing, but getting out onto the water quicker, and being there for longer, is much more satisfying.

If you’re a technophobe, don’t worry about struggling to work an electric pump. All you need to do is set the pressure that you want, turn the switch on, and let the pump do all of the strenuous work for you while you chill out in your car or catch some quick rays on the beach as your kite is blown up.

They are also pretty budget-friendly, and if you’re able to save up for one for a month, then you’ll thank yourself for it.

Waterproof Digital Cameras

Perhaps the only thing better than coming back from an amazing kitesurfing session is being able to look back on some of the highlights from that session while enjoying the comfort of your own home. GoPro is one of the most popular portable digital camera brands, and they have created many affordable waterproof digital cameras.

These cameras are generally quite budget-friendly and are capable of shooting both video and photos. They can function for the entire duration of your time on the water, provided that you charge them fully beforehand, and even have presets to let you determine how often they capture footage.

There are also some useful mounts for these small cameras. Just attach them to your kiteboard, kite, helmet, lines, or anything else – experiment to get the angle that you love the most.

Sun-Protective Clothing

Getting sunburnt while kitesurfing is something that every surfer has to go through. Being out in the sun all day can and will take its toll on your body, but if you have the right protective gear, you can avoid the pain of sunburn, and sometimes even sunstroke, altogether.

Thankfully, there are plenty of pieces of protective gear on the market that can keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This equipment includes items like sunscreen, sunglasses, surf shirts, and more.

Surf sunglasses, in particular, are some of the most essential pieces of protective gear, as your eyes are incredibly sensitive to the sun’s reflection on the ocean. When paired with the constant spray from the sea, you can deal some serious damage to your peepers. Surf sunglasses can prevent this entirely, and they’re generally very stylish and compact.

Don’t worry about them obscuring your vision. Most surf goggles are specifically manufactured to keep as much of your visibility intact as possible while still providing all of the protection that your eyes need to stay safe.

Warm, Surf-Appropriate Clothing

Keeping yourself protected from the cold of the sea is just as important as protecting yourself from the sun. The weather around the ocean can change incredibly quickly, so it helps to come prepared with clothing that keeps you warm while you’re on the water, as the wind out there can get pretty chilly.

While a good wetsuit is usually enough to keep your body warm for the duration of your kitesurfing session, sometimes you don’t want to have to fuss with putting one on and taking one off. In that case, you could opt for an oversized, warm waterproof jacket.

Most of them will feature an exterior made from a skin, with a lining made from hollow fiber. They retain almost no water, making them both waterproof and windproof, protecting you from the elements when it matters the most.

Waterproof Music Devices

Sometimes, the only thing preventing you from making your kitesurfing session truly great is having some music playing while you’re on the water. Well, there’s a solution to this problem – waterproof music. There are a number of waterproof cases for your phones, iPods, and other portable music players, which will keep your device protected while you have some music playing as you soar across the water.

Most of them also come with headphone jacks, a clear panel, and armbands. They are super easy to wear and use, and even the most technophobic kitesurfers will have no problem setting them up and enjoying some music while out on the water.

Just make sure that you have something to attach them to. Since most of them come with armbands, your arm will generally be fine, and attaching them to your arm also means that they’ll be easy to access.

Changing Towel

We all value our privacy, but sometimes privacy and modesty are not luxuries that we get when at the beach. Nobody wants to change in front of a crowd of strangers, but luckily there’s a way to do exactly that without having to forsake your modesty.

Changing towels are the solution to this problem, and they’re probably one of the most underappreciated kitesurfing accessories on the market. If you’re tired of having to look for a secluded place on the beach to change out of your wetsuit, then treat yourself to a changing towel.

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