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The World’s Top Brands for Windsurfing Sail: Your Ultimate Guide

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Are you searching for new windsurfing gear? Else, are you comparing performances and prices? Buying decent items for your riding journeys is always significant.

The surfing industry boasts the presence of manufacturers of fins, sails, boards, and so on. And some firms have released a complete package of equipment accessible to purchasers.

Among those gears, sails are a crucial thing. Fins and boards are equally critical. Then, harnesses, booms, and masts will take care of the rest.

When it comes to the top brands for windsurfing sail, we have got you covered in this comprehensive list. We curate the rundown based on the criteria of customer feedback. Other factors considered as well are design, ease of use, performance, features, and price that we are going to mention in the section How to select your best windsurfing sail.

Sails: Where are they made?

Brands, for the most part, manufacture windsurfing sails in one of the following countries:

Do not let that information mislead you, however. Just because the items come from second or third-world nations does not imply they are of inferior quality. Most manufacturing facilities are best in class and Westerners tend to set up them, at the outset. The materials get cut on a quality plotter controlled by the computer to diminish waste. 

Also, in case you are not in the know, sail designers in many brands are responsible for making and testing the prototypes. Yet, these days, lasers can cut the panels to a CAD (computer-aided design) program. That is why once finalized, the designs can be made somewhere else on the planet.

The design may be sent through the net to one of a few sail manufacturing plants. Each of them is ready to do an awesome job in mass-producing.

Top brands for windsurfing sail

1. Aerotech

Founded in 1970 in  3090 S Ridgewood Ave, United States, Aerotech is a significant maker of sails and a wide range of kiteboarding or windsurfing gear. It is safe to state that their popularity for their sails and masts/ booms is huge.

Aerotech boasts the release of uniquely made sails for all purposes and rides. For example, the Air X model is one of their top-of-the-line picks. The brand’s product units are great value for money, have astounding performance, and are made of strong materials.

2. KA Sail

Andrew McDougall established KA Sail Australia in 1991 on the Port Phillip Bay shores (Australia). For more than two centuries, the company has created superior sails for the Moth Class, aside from the windsurfing market. Their models have been a tremendous help for the Moth World Championships‘ champion.

You may appreciate that as one of the top brands for windsurfing sail, KA offers an entire range of choices. They are a great value product units and incredibly fast.

Further, what makes this company stand out? When designing their models, they do their best to make everything stay extra honest and not become sucked into hype and fashion. They know that customers nowadays are super astute; hence, hiding behind clever marketing is impossible.

Coming from a brand whose size is small-medium, KA Sail centers a great deal around developing a decent team all around the world. Because all their team surfers represent the company and are its bridge to customers. The brand favor advancing kind of a family atmosphere.

Ultimately, their goal is, people will need to go along with them since they have incredible items and an inviting team spirit. In case you have a somewhat closer look into this company, it boasts the presence of a unique and talented working group with various experiences.

3. Severne

Founded over fifteen years ago by Ben Severne, Severne has thrived to be among the top brands for windsurfing sail.

It is an authentic Aussie windsurfing brand with models designed and thoroughly tested and rested by the globe’s most skilled and devoted windsurfers.

Now that we are on the location subject, let’s dig a bit in-depth into it to realize why this brand is that famous right now. Severne is based in Western Australia. This is where some of the world’s most impressive windsurfers live. Better yet, it is the hub for global sailboard.

As for Severne’s R&D office, it is in Perth. Here, they can test and retest their models holistically in the conditions that are hardest to please – say Gnaraloo. The intriguing thing, ss it is windy, everyone in the office, no matter what position, goes out for windsurfing.

Speaking of the company’s priorities, they pay special attention to ergonomics and quality. Impressively enough, Severne’s devoted research has impacted how windsurfing firms view sheeting and rake angles, aside from boosting riders’ safety and quality. For instance, the Severne Blade 4.7  Windsurf Sail is stacked with features and is constructed with incredible meticulousness.

One thing to note: Their product units are super-duper popular. They can sell out fast.

4. BIC Sport

From the BIC pen popularity more than forty years ago in France, Bich Family developed BIC Sport out of their enthusiasm for watersports, apart from their aptitude in industrial ecology.

Prior to the nineties, the brand began famous as one of the top brands for windsurfing sail and whatnot in the globe. In the next twenty years, sticking to their key values of good price, durability, and quality, BIG Sport further developed their innovative manufacturing abilities on other tasks like kayaking and surfing.

The company offers different kinds of models that meet different demands. Name any, BIG Sport has it. It is worth mentioning that their production procedure guarantees their product units are adequately sturdy so that you can ride with waves of various sizes and shapes.

5. Chinook

Being in the central location of the Columbia River Gorge, United States, the company has been designing and assembling cutting-edge watersports gear for more than 25 years. Among them, Chinook has manufactured a couple of the most excellently designed sails available.

They provide a broad range of sails with various shapes, sizes, and cole. For example, the Chinook 7.5 Power Glide boasts full size and superior performance while coming at a good price.

Made by David Ezzy, a well-known designer, this model comes with the comparably great materials that you find in windsurfing sails way more expensive than it. It features a tough Spectra® X-Ply Cloth as well as five battens. Also, the customizable top haul makes more mast length. 

You may appreciate integrated mast pad tools as well that help tweak batten tension. As another plus point, the fluorescent design is extra visible and there is a sail bag available!

6. Others

In case the top brands for windsurfing sail mentioned above are not right up your alley, below we address other options on par:

How to select your best windsurfing sail

windsurfing with the sun

Ultimately, it is about time for you and your pals to go windsurfing. The weather is amazing with the strong wind and desirable sun. It will be an extraordinary surfing day for you folks!

To seize the day, you need good gear, including sail. With the proper choice of this equipment, it will come as no surprise that your wave riding experience becomes an awesome memory. As said by Philip Edwards, an influential surfer, “the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”

So, let’s check out deciding factors of your right sail.

1. Price

You might be wondering why the cost of a quality sail for windsurfing varies that much. All things considered, it has to do with the model’s brand and attributes.

For example, your sail’s price is higher if the size is larger. Likewise, those constructed out of spectra and other top-notch materials tend to be more expensive. Product units from well-established and trusted brands additionally come at a high price compared to start-up companies’.

While doing our homework, we found a few cheap models from certain brands yet we did not highlight them here. The user feedback was generally not positive enough with people unsatisfied about low-grade construction materials. You are advisable to depend on reliable, top brands for windsurfing sail like the ones reviewed above.

2. Attributes

When it comes to windsurfing, choosing a suitable size is significant. Make certain that the sail you opt for is right for your amount of skill. That way, you will be able to control it in a breeze.

For instance, are you a novice? Then, you may want to pick light sails that you can leverage in light winds. Nonetheless, in case you are a veteran, 7-12m models should be your good bet.

One tip is, figuring out the wind speed where you are windsurfing can be useful when you select the proper size suiting your extent of skill.

As for other attributes to think about, here they are. We are addressing them more right in the next section.

  • What is the product warranty period?
  • What is the material used to make the sail?
  • Does it work on your current boom and mast?
  • The color options?

Choose a windsurfing sail whose attributes will fit your lifestyle and demands. 

3. Design and construction

What is the material used to make the sail? This factor is essential to account for since it will decide your sail’s durability. You never want a piece of equipment not long-lasting enough or becoming torn when it is windy amid the lake and whatnot.

Pick a sail constructed out of tough and solid material that can take up high wind speeds. For example, the units whose construction material is X-ply, spectra, etc., will not be a letdown.

It is additionally significant you opt for a sail with the suitable color(s). You will not turn out badly with aquatic ones. These should complement your cool look when you ride any waves.

What if you get a boom and mast already? If so, consider whether the sail work on them. We mean think about if your current mast has characteristics the sail requires. Doing so helps because you can save some money.

4. Convenience and performance

In case you are newbies, remember that figuring out the best way of turning into a professional surfer takes devotion and time. While learning to ride the waves, you may be not content here and there. Stay patient since your practice will make perfect over time.

Make certain you routinely make your sail free of dust and dirt to keep up with its brilliant and oceanic colors. Ensure that it is okay to clean the item with soap. You would prefer not to damage your cherished sail.

Last but not least, consider the product warranty period to have your models free from any defects and stuff.

Best brands for windsurfing boards

the man athlete rides the windsurf over the waves on the lake
Windsurfing in a lake

Aside from the top brands for windsurfing sail, discover the most notable brands for other gears that cater to your sailing demands. 

Trusted brands for windsurfing fins

Most reliable brands for windsurfing accessories

See this article for full suggestions of the best windsurfing boards.

All in all

Hopefully, you have discovered the top brands for windsurfing sail that you can trust after reading through this review.

Are you exploring sandy beaches? Else, are you going through a day on the lake? Either this or that, you can settle on a choice with certainty, knowing that you have looked into reliable sail creators to reach the best selection.

Finally, please bear in mind that whenever you are on the water, the first significance is safety.

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