NAISH Kites Review: The Pivot and Wing-Surfer

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Introduction To Naish

Naish is a top-tier brand focused on amazing kiteboarding performance. The goal of Naish products is to deliver exceptional quality used both by professionals and newbies alike. From jumps and twists to turns out of water, Naish kites are built for long-term performance.

All the way from Maui, Hawaii, Naish has trail-blazed the path of innovative. From the Pivot to the Wing-Surfer, all of their products are ready to go when you are. Jumps, turns and tricks become smoother regardless of the wind speed. Naish’s products can perform well with high winds and low winds.

Many kite-surfers who are new to the sport want to know exactly how to improve their performance. The answer is simple. A high-quality kite will change your game unlike any other. First and foremost, the makers of Naish have been producing kites for over 20 years. That is over two decades of tailored experience. They are masters of this sport and understand the needs of beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes.

Naish Pivot

The Pivot kite is hands-down the most intuitive kite produced by Naish. It has won twice as the King of Air Champion. The new bridle allows for greater range on the 2020 Pivot.

Naish Pivot Kite Force Kiteboarding 2020
The Force Kiteboarding 2020 Naish Pivot

Initially influenced by KOTA riders who seek the biggest kite to use during heavy winds, the Pivot was born. Strapless riders can enjoy the Pivot’s peak performance, even without the need for strong pull. It responds when you need it to and is always within control. Example of the Naish Pivot is the Force Kiteboarding 2020 Naish Pivot Kite.

Often times during kiteboarding the kite can become out of control and is not where you think it should be mid-turn. This is known as misfiring. For example, if you go to jump and the kite is not responding well, your performance will suffer. Other kites will be behind the surfer when they are constructed of low-quality material. Pivot never encounters this obstacle as their manufacturing is unsurpassed. You do not need perfect kite alignment to receive maximum power. Whenever you’re ready to make your next move, the Pivot is ready to go too. It is very predictable and full of depower.

Wave riding and jumping are easier than ever before with the Pivot’s assistance. Rather than worrying about where your kite is in the sky, you can put all of your attention on riding and let the kite work its magic. This is a new notion that past kite manufactures have failed to get right. Experience the difference with 2020 Naish Pivot.

Key Features

  • Incredible boosts
  • Surfing, Freeride and Big Air are all possible
  • Steady power delivery
  • Vast wind range
  • Easy and quick relaunch


  • Newly added bridle adjustments for better control and high wind range
  • Outstanding shark teeth edge balances the kite, preventing canopy flutter and dispersing it
  • Reinforcements to strengthen the struts. They are molded ends
  • Reinforcements on the seams for extra protection. These are called Aramid patches
  • Distribution of kite tension for ultimate balance and power. This feature uses load seams
  • Power generation in the center, making turns faster
  • Very strong and durable canopy fabric. Quad-Tex makes the fabric stiff and rigid
  • High-tensile provides fortification for leading edges
  • Bumpers for smooth launching and landing
  • 9mm inflation and deflation hoses. The process is quick and uses a one-point system
  • Drain water instantly with anti-stiction


  • Lateral forces may be high and cause the kite to pull slightly. Up-wind may be difficult as well under certain conditions
  • If kite is slowed down too much, there is no pull
  • The wings may slightly flap during jumps
  • Can be pricey

Target Users

The targeted user for a Naish Pivot kite is an advanced swimmer with a basic level of experience in kiteboarding. All individuals who use Naish’s sport products should be in good health and be able to swim well.

The users might be surfers, kiteboarders, windsurfers and wakeboarders. Athletes with experience in water sports are well-suited for kiteboarding. It is important to remember kiteboarding can pull riders to dive heights and with extreme power, similar to wakeboarding. Safety is important during this sport and each user must determine their own level of experience prior to using the Naish Pivot.

Naish Wing-Surfer

The Wing-Surfer combines Naish’s all-around power with ultimate water sport performance. It is a “one-size for all” stand up paddleboard (SUP). The design of the product is based around “pump-and-go”, which is ideal for the rapidly changing and evolving water sports market.

The 2020 Wing-Surfer offers a variety of sizes, ranging from 2.8 all the way up to 7.2. However, the upgrades don’t stop here. Naish has included large windows for an enhanced ride, catering to beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.

The Naish Wing-surfer: The 2020 S25

The diameter of the Wing-Surfer’s edges has been enlarged. The overall canopy profile has also been enlarged. This leads to a more solid frame. Their unique solid and stiff frame requires less inflation power than before. Lighter winds still produce enough demand power to ride. Furthermore, when riding during high winds, the kite is rigid and very secure.

Riders do not have to worry about low wind or high wind conditions when riding with the Wing-Surfer. In order to further enhance performance, the outline of the wings has been reinvented. The purpose of redesign was to achieve a more balanced delivery of power to the wings. The strong handling of the wings help to keep riders in control. Naish desired to keep the simple structure of the Wing-Surfer while forging ahead in terms of rider ability, size and power.

Key Features

  • Luffabiltiy and power
  • Power enhancement through deep profile
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Rigid and sturdy wing
  • Easy to inflate


  • The window panels enable riders to see where they are going and increase necessary visibility
  • Construction is extremely lightweight and easy-to-maneuver
  • The grab handles require no extra parts and are very lightweight
  • The edges are reinforced with thick, durable material. They are resistant to a variety of abrasions and tears
  • Naish’s unique “shark teeth” edges help keep fluttering to a minimum and disperse it amongst the kite canopy
  • Bladder ends are locked. This prevents slipping
  • The valve is streamlined and locks with pump hose
  • Inflation is user-friendly with an 8mm hose
  • Thread is used to secure edges. Maximum strength, high-tensile is used for a durable hold
  • Comes with attachments for extra security and adaptability
  • Comes with a wrist leash for rider security. The wrist leash also allows for wing/rider connection
  • Comes with surfer bag to store all accessories and ad-ons. This also includes a pump attachment
  • Wing-Surfer optimal Airmax Pump. This specific item is sold separately


  • Inexperienced riders may notice excessive wing flapping
  • The pull may not be as strong compared to other Naish kiteboarding models
  • The wings can flap around with unpredictable wind
  • Can be pricey

Targeted Users

The targeted user for a Naish Wing-Surfer is a beginner kiteboarder. Since the Wing-Surfer requires less skill than the Pivot, users who are well-versed in water sports can easily use this product. However, users should always be in good health and experienced swimmers. All water sports, including kiteboarding and wakeboarding require adequate experience in open water swimming. Wing-surfing can be done by all ages with the proper basic training.

Naish Kiteboarding

The history of Naish began in Maui, Hawaii, by a man named Robby Naish.

A man kitesurf in the ocean with naish kite
Naish products are quite popular nowadays among surfers.

Robby Naish is seen as a pioneer of windsurfing. He is an experienced and accomplished kiteboarder who was one of the first people to make the sport known to the public. He has won a total of 23 World Championships. Naish began his successful career in windsurfing at the age of 13. In fact, it was during a World Championship in the Bahamas that he won his first ever title. Since the company’s rise in the late 90’s, Naish has become an international brand with cutting-edge products all over the globe.

All of their products are created with integrity and quality in mind. Their kiteboards are built to last and are guaranteed to perform for years to come. This is why professional water sport athletes and kiteboarders have trusted the Naish brand to win World Championships. Their products are known to perform and deliver exceptional quality regardless of water conditions and wind speed. This is an incredible feat unlike any other kiteboarding brand.

Often times kites of low-quality are extremely difficult to control and predict. Being a windsurfer himself, Robby Naish oversees all of the product’s development and manufacturing. The goal is to create products that beginner windsurfers, intermediate windsurfers, advanced windsurfers and World Championship windsurfer can enjoy!

Naish’s 2020 products are crafted with more precision and strength than ever before. They have excelled their manufacturing process to create unique and proprietary kites that no other brand can surpass. Each kite is designed to be a unique experience. All of your jumps, twists and turns are guaranteed to flow well with the help of Naish’s products.

Whether you are looking for the Pivot or the Wing-Surfer, any product of Naish will complete your water sport experience. A Naish kite is built to last. As mentioned previously, with basic training and water skills, anyone can enjoy the thrilling, exciting and amazing kiteboarding experience.