10 Kitesurfing Youtube Channels You Need To Follow

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It’s no surprise that the internet has changed the way we do pretty much everything, and that includes our beloved favorite sport kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing YouTube channels seem to be popping up daily and among the hundreds out there, you’ll find a handful that are worth watching.

What are some of the best YouTube channels out there dedicated solely to kitesurfing?

There are channels just for tips and tutorials for people learning to kite, video reviews of the best places around the globe to kitesurf, and even some famous faces like Richard Branson who also have a love for the extreme water sport.

This list will show you what’s out there in the digital world of kitesurfing so you can explore a little more without ever having to leave your home.

Check out what we’ve found to expand your knowledge on kitesurfing and give yourself a brand new bucket list to tick off of great locations around the world to kite from.

#10: Aaron Hadlow

If you’re going to watch anyone kitesurfing, then why not choose a 5 times world champion?

Aaron Hadlow is such a man and he has a pretty thrilling YouTube channel that follows his adventures in this amazing sport.

Hadlow has recently released a movie to celebrate his 20 years of kitesurfing and his YouTube channel is dedicated to showing you the best parts of it.

He travels the world kiting and meets up with other equally talented friends so you can see the life of a pro kitesurfer in all of its glory.

#9: Univers Kite

Arguably one of the biggest kite surfing channels on YouTube and one that beginners and professionals all love to watch, Univers Kite relies on the community to keep themselves alive.

This YouTube channel uploads videos from kiting enthusiasts all over the world and makes plenty of their own content to share.

You’ll be able to find recaps of global kitesurfing competitions, compilations of amazing kiting scenes, and reviews of some of the best places to travel for the ultimate kitesurfing experience.

#8: Richard Branson

Richard Branson might not be the first name that pops into your head when thinking of kitesurfing YouTube channels, but he should be.

The self-proclaimed ‘tie-loathing adventurer and thrill seeker’ has a love for all things extreme and that includes kitesurfing, so his channel is a great way to see some videos that are outside of the box.

Branson has quite a few clips of amazing feats like a mass kitesurfing event he organized or popular spots to go near his home town of Becker Island in the Caribbean.

If nothing else, it gives you a peek into the lifestyles of the very rich and famous, so you’ll probably be in awe and also a bit jealous.

#7: Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny isn’t just a pro kite surfer, but all-round skilled water professional. His talents include stand up paddleboarding, surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing, just to name a few.

If you’re interested in seeing some great kiting content but like to know what else is out there, his YouTube channel is the place to be. The Hawaiian native has plenty of videos from his local area but also travels a lot too, so you’ll see some other great places like Australian beaches.

He even has famous faces pop up from time to time like pro surfer Kelly Slater, so you’ll get much more than just kite surfing tricks if you follow his channel.

#6: Jake Kelsick

Jake Kelsick lives any kitesurfer’s dream life, and luckily for us, he films it all and uploads it to his YouTube channel every Monday and Friday.

Jake has been making personal kitesurfing videos and uploading them since 2007 and he has close to 30,000 subscribers who love his content.

Based in idyllic Antigua, Kelsick films some of his greatest kiting adventures in the Caribbean and also has a bunch of tips and tutorials for everyone to try out for themselves.

He tests out the latest gear and sometimes brings friends along for a kite, so there’s plenty of content to dive into if you’ve ever got a spare few hours.

#5: Kite Surf College

While it might not be as Rockstar as some of the vloggers we’ve listed, Kite Surf College is a must-view for anyone who loves to kite.

As the name suggests, it’s a learning hub with tutorials on everything to do with the sport and plenty of helpful tips to turn your kiting skills from intermediate to professional.

Some of their videos include Safety Systems, Power Kites, and Wind Windows, so they’re all incredibly helpful in learning the basics of this popular water activity.

#4: Kevin Langeree

It doesn’t get more pro-kiter than this, so if you want to see how the best of the best get their kiting done then this is one to check out.

Kevin Langeree is a two-time Red Bull King of the Air Winner and freestyle world champ, and his YouTube page will probably make you green with envy.

As well as promoting his own kiting brand and gear, he also takes you on some epic adventures with his kite and board, and will always push things to the extreme.

If you want to only follow the advice of the experts then this is a YouTube channel you need to subscribe to.

#3: Jeremie Tronet

Jeremie is another in our list of Caribbean based kite surfing professionals, and someone that you should be following if you love this water sport.

Tronet has a great mix of all things to do with kite surfing including game changing tips, basic tutorials to get started, reviews of the best gear, and HD footage of him performing some very cool tricks on the water.

The pro kitesurfer has also created his very own app dedicated to kiting and there’s plenty of great content to be found about it on his YouTube channel.

He’s not afraid to think outside of the box when making videos, so expect a lot of fun like kiting in a Santa suit or with an inflatable dinosaur in tow.

#2: MACKiteboarding

MACKiteboarding brings something a little different to our list, as a physical store located in Michigan with a huge online presence.

The store opened in 1999 and in that time they’ve amassed a lot of knowledge on kitesurfing that they’re able to share with the world through their YouTube channel.

The MACKiteboarding channel has everything from detailed product reviews on every brand imaginable to answering real questions that kitesurfers have about technique.

It’s a mecca of information that can actually be applied to your everyday practice, and with over 30 million views of their videos it’s clear that plenty of people agree.

#1: Ben Beholz

Ben offers something a little unique to the other kitesurfing vloggers we’ve reviewed.

While there’s definitely plenty of kitesurfing to be found, he also indulges in another extreme sport that involves a kite, so you’ll be able to see him riding snow-capped mountains while kite boarding as well.

Beholz has been creating video content for years and he knows how to draw a crowd. Some of his more memorable videos like ‘The Police Caught Me 2000M Altitude’ are exactly the type of clickbait that we like to see.

If you want a vlogger who knows how to do things a little differently then Ben Beholz is one to follow. He gives us all something to aspire to one day with his impressive kitesurfing skills.

Related Questions

Learning how to kitesurf can be a lot easier when you’ve got great video content to follow.

If you’re brand new to this water sport then you might have some questions about how to get started on your board, so we’ve aimed to answer some of the most common ones for you.

How Long Does It Take To Learn to Kitesurf?

Learning to kitesurf should be done with a professional teacher for your first attempt to ensure you understand the basic techniques and safety guidelines.

It should take three to four hours to learn the fundamentals that will enable you to get onto a board and fly the kite, and then another few hours to put them together on the water.

Can I Learn to Kitesurf Through Videos?

While there are plenty of online video tutorials for learning how to kitesurf, it’s best to learn the fundamentals with an experienced kiter.

Once you have the basics, you can gain further knowledge from videos and online tutorials, but it’s better to learn the fundamentals in person and in real-time.

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