Kitesurfing in Tenerife

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Why is Kitesurfing So Popular in Tenerife?

Tenerife, which is one of the biggest and most densely populated among the eight canary islands of Spain that are located in the Santa Cruz province is known by many for its kitesurfing activities.

The reason why most people came to this place to enjoy some kitesurfing activities is that this place provides an ideal wind condition for kitesurfing activities. If you are looking for a place to practice this sport, then look no further as the canary islands are undoubtedly the perfect place for it.

Tenerife beach
Tenerife beach
A sand castle on the beach
A sand castle on the beach

The small waves, as well as the light wind condition, helps your kite to fly further which allows you to have a great experience surfing on the surface of the water. Apart from that, the majestic volcanic scenery near Tenerife also provides a decent spot for photographers from around the world to take some spectacular shots.

Things to Keep in Mind About Kitesurfing in Tenerife

One of the many things that you will need to keep in mind is the fact that you will never get extremely cold in Tenerife as this place has a sub-tropical climate for the rest of the whole year. This kind of weather will surely provide you with sufficient heat from the sun to warm yourself during the summer season and the average temperature for the year in Tenerife is not going to be below 17 degrees Celcius.

Hence, you don’t have to worry much about getting any ice cream head. Next, the winds in this place are always perfect for you to enjoy this sport with your family members. The condition of the winds during the summer can be considered to be much more consistent compared to the condition of the winds during other months of the year. However, don’t worry as you are guaranteed to still be able to enjoy your kitesurfing activities at least 4 days a week in other months.

Surfing in Tenerife
Surfing in Tenerife

Apart from that, there is also a lot of interesting kitesurfing spots that are available in Tenerife.

The calm flat water at La Tejita provides a good spot for beginners to practice their kitesurfing skills while the exciting waves near the La Bahia (which is located at the main beach of El Medano) offer some challenges for intermediate kitesurfers to level up their kitesurfing experience.

As for the expert level kitesurfers, the world-class monster waves located at El Cabezo and El Medano would surely provide a one-of-kind kitesurfing experience for them. The options for kitesurfers that decide to pay a visit to this place is wide and limitless.

There is a lot of things that you can do here to level up your skills such as learning how to speak Spanish which has become the fourth most spoken language in the world. You would also find that most of the people from various countries in the world that decide to pay a visit here would seek to either learn the Spanish language, spend some quality time with their family members, or to sharpen their kitesurfing skills.

How Expensive It is to Kitesurf in Tenerife?

A kite and a foil board may costs you around 70 euros to rent for a total duration of one day.

If you are unfamiliar with kitesurfing and you have never done it before in your life then you will need to attend a 9 hours lesson on the beach to learn more about the proper way to kitesurf on the beach. The 9-hour kitesurfing lesson would costs you somewhere around 270 euros and if you prefer a cheaper option then the 3 hours class would be more suitable for you and it would costs you around 100 euros.

During the lesson, each student will be given a chance to use one set of equipment that will be shared with other students. The lesson would include your insurance, BB talking system as well as the instructor. These are the things that you need to expect if you decide to enroll in the kitesurfing lessons.

However, if you are not comfortable in sharing the kitesurfing equipment with the rest of the students, then you might want to check out the private kitesurfing lesson that provides the same thing except you don’t have to share the equipment with others and you may choose to learn separately from others. The prices for private kitesurfing lesson ranges between 75 euros to 460 euros in total.

kitesurfer with instructor
You need to practice surfing with your instructor first if this is the first time you kitesurf

You may choose to book your lessons online or you may also send an inquiry to them via email. Just in case you are a returning customer that would love to learn more about kitesurfing again then you will receive a 10% discount on your next kitesurfing class. Apart from that, you also have the option to rent the kite together with the foil board or just the kite, foil board, vests, helmets, and wetsuits.

During your stay, you will also be able to change these gears as often as you like and just in case you signed up for the premium kite gear then you will be given a chance to try out the latest windsurf gear that is available exclusively for the premium kite gear customers.

The 5 Best Kitesurfing Locations in Tenerife

Surf Life Tenerife

One of the best places in Tenerife for kitesurfing is Surf Life Tenerife as it provides a high-quality kitesurfing experience by some of the best-licensed kitesurfing instructors that would help you to master the art of kitesurfing. Apart from that, this place also provides private family lessons that will ensure the safety of you and your family members while you are enjoying a great kitesurfing experience.

Tenerife Surf Point

Tenerife Surf Point provides group surfing lessons for your families and friends and they also have friendly staff and instructors that would help you to enjoy every second that you spent here in Tenerife. Besides that, what’s more, interesting about this place is that it provides kitesurfing lessons in a variety of languages such as English, German, Latvian, Spanish, and Russian.

Friends of the Ocean Tenerife Surf Center

The urban legends have it that the instructors in this place tend to remember your name quite well. Most of the people that have come to visit Friends of the Ocean tend to have better kitesurfing skills compared to others. The instructors here will make sure that you would at least be able to stand on your board once with your kite flying in the sky.

Red Rock Surf and Kite Academy

The quality of the sand beach in Red Rock Surf and Kite Academy will leave you amazed as the surroundings of this place are very clean compared to others which makes it super comfortable for people that come here to learn to kitesurf. The prices offered to learn how to kitesurf in this place is very affordable and the quality of the lessons remained high.

30 Nudos Kite

30 Nudos Kite provides one of the best kitesurfing experience for your family members as the wind condition in this place is perfect for kitesurfing activities. Personalized learning styles will be provided to different types of people with different learning styles by some of the professionally certified instructors. Your selected instructors will also ensure the safety of you and your family members throughout the learning process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Best Weather for Kitesurfing?

Ideal weather to have kitesurfing activities would be a sunny day with no cloud that can be spotted in the sky combines with consistent side-shore winds that are currently blowing between 15 to 20 knots.

Dangerous weather that you should avoid having any kitesurfing activities would be a rainy day (regardless of whether the rain is heavy or not) with some or many black clouds in the sky combines with strong winds conditions that are blowing at more than 30 knots.

A Tenerife beach in daytime
A Tenerife beach in daytime

This type of weather could put your life in danger as the tendency for you to drown is extremely high. The extreme conditions such as this one may entice some extreme kitesurfers but most of these professionals that chose to perform such an act would usually have multiples high-end safety equipment that enable them to survive in the water for a prolonged period.

Can I Travel with Kitesurfing Gear?

If you want to bring your kitesurfing gear to use later on then, by all means, you may do so but you will need to keep in mind the fact that you will have to pack all of the things properly otherwise you could be damaging your kitesurfing gear which will cause you to not be able to use it on your vacation. Pack your kitesurfing essentials such as your kites, harness, pump, water garb as well as your boards properly in a kitesurfing bag. A decent kitesurfing bag should be able to store all of these things in place without causing any damage to the bag itself. However, one of the most important things that you will need to make sure of safety is the board itself.