kitesurfing in Oahu

Kiteboarding In Oahu: Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know

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Hawaii’s magnificent ocean conditions are heavenly for various stunning watersports. Yet, the thing is, you probably will have a hard time discovering one with more amusement than kiteboarding in Oahu.

Kiteboarding generally is fascinating. And doing so in the heart of the Hawaiian island chain is a blast! Let’s dig into the ultimate guide below to maximize the fun of your time there.

Why is kitesurfing so popular in Oahu?

Kite surfing on the beach of Oahu island in Hawaii
Kite surfing on the beach of Oahu island in Hawaii

There are some good reasons to check it out, indeed. On some beaches there, a steady wind somewhere in the range of twelve and 25 knots blows the entire year from east-north-east over the coast. Additionally, you may appreciate the more-often-than-not moderate or mild wave height. 

Kitesurfing novices can follow the bay’s inside section with the relatively calm water. As a bonus, the warm ocean water, white sand beaches, and surroundings that are easy on the eye have made this destination popular for kiteboarding. 

The dangers of Oahu kitesurfing

1. Waves

Hawaii is situated amid a huge ocean and it is likely for the ocean bottom to drop off fast. That is why the currents may get powerful.

Some beaches are dangerous all year while some others have dangers at specific seasons. Before you decide to enjoy kiteboarding in Oahu, it is, in every case, advisable to do so at beaches with lifeguards. 

What if there are no lifeguards? We suggest looking around to check whether others are present in the water. What if there is not even one (not even locals)? Common sense is, there is most likely a reason behind it. Avoid kiteboarding at remote beaches unaccompanied.

2. Territorial surfers

On the one hand, a lot of people are exceptionally enthusiastic about surfing with their favorite kites here. All things considered, it is where the sport can become even way more remarkable to play. 

But on the other hand, many beginner surfers and the likes of them have no foggiest idea about the kitesurfing rules and/ or do not care for them at all. Similar to driving a vehicle on the street, you know the consequences of not adhering to the rules, don’t you?

Things to keep in mind while kitesurfing in Oahu

Are you looking for advice from someone who do kitesurfing in this island? Are you not an expert yet you can ride? Also, are you worried about the possibility that you will be in a situation when you have no way to come back?

If so, you have all the reasons to check out the key tips and tricks below.

1. Get fit

It is always best to do stuff such as running and biking for your fitness training. While the skills of kitesurfing are not too difficult to get, no appropriate endurance means you can become shark food in a little while.

2. Figure out how to stay safe = using tech and having a backup plan

Before kiteboarding in Oahu, equip yourself with safety gear and figure out how to make use of it. That includes modern tech such as marine, GPS, water-resistant phones, and satellite phones.

Án what if these devices do not work catastrophically and at the same time exactly when you need them most? That implies you should obey the conventional safety protocols.

Start with registering your ‘flight plan’. Also, consider the cut-off time that enables sufficient daylight to save you. Do not forget to report your position as often as possible.

It additionally implies you need to bring conventional safety gear. These include a life preserver, a signal mirror, marine flares, customary security gear: marine flares, a sign mirror, color markers, a suitable wetsuit adequately thick to fight off hypothermia, etc.

3. Become a decent kitesurfer

Practice, practice, and practice. We cannot emphasize that enough!

Can you zig-zag to and fro, boost big air, and perform tricks in the beach’s safety’s a quarter-mile? But that does not imply you have all needed to keep an abnormal point-of-sail in high-up ocean swells. And then it does not mean you can make another island as much as forty miles distant.

4, Check the weather forecast

In the cold weather months (Nov to Feb), the waves tend to be big on the islands’ North shore. Meanwhile, in the summer months (Jun to Aug), you may see the big waves on the South shores.

Yet, you cannot disregard exceptions, obviously. We suggest checking the weather forecast to stay away from any high surf advisories

5. Say no to crowded areas and when the surf is up

To save your neck, you are better off avoid swarmed areas. Also, get out of the water if the surf becomes up (more than five feet – about 1.5 meters).

That is due to the likelihood of strong waves pushing you below the surface of the water and onto a rigid coral reef. Additionally, swarmed areas are best stayed away from as collisions have happened before, prompting now and again serious injuries.

6. Know the beach

Choose and know where you do kiteboarding in Oahu. For beaches such as Kailua, avoid the beach line while riding. Do not jump on the inside. And leverage the dedicated land and launch area.

When going downwind, if it is not too much trouble, try and hook up with somebody who can walk with you. Wait at times the wind is light. Until when? Until it picks up. 

7. Yield to all

Since you go to the beach, ask some other surfboarders there. Many are amicable and will make a special effort to help you out. Believe it or not, while there are not few people who seem hostile to the world, there are many friendly ones as well.

8. Know the launching and landing pattern

The pattern is to get the person on the beach with their kite towards the water rather than the opposite of that. It is what the lifeguards and others expect to see.

9.  Crashing out in the bay is not the end of the world

For another thing to remember, try not to stress a lot over crashing out in the bay and struggling to get back up to sail in. You see, there are currents, waves, and wind. Altogether, they will assist you with drifting to shore. Where it might take some minutes, you will not venture out onto the sea. 

How expensive is it to kitesurf in Oahu?

Experience a legit amazing excitement, leveraging the wind power! Kiteboarding is Oahu is an interesting and incredibly growing sport that is far from dangerous particularly if you practice with appropriate instruction. And the good news is taking lessons there will not cost you a fortune.

With some money invested there, you can expect to approach lesson methodology developed in line with applicable standards. Also, you are in the best hands. And above all, whether you are a veteran rider or a novice, you will be able to get the most out of individualized lessons, tweaked to your skill level. At the end of the day, you should be in good shape to enjoy kiteboarding in Oahu. 

Back to the fees, we give you an example for your reference:

Lesson type and equipmentTimeFee
1 to 1 Private Instruction12 hoursAbout 1000 USD
6 hoursAbout 500 USD
3 hoursAbout 300 USD
1.5 hoursAbout 150 USD
Semi-private Instruction (2 – 4 students)12 hoursAbout 800 USD pp
6 hoursAbout 425 USD pp
3 hoursAbout 225 USD pp
1.5 hoursAbout 125 USD pp
Kitesurfing Full Equipment Rental (including harness, bar, kite, and board)DailyAbout 150 USD
A Kiteboard Rental OnlyDailyAbout 25 USD
Weekly specialAbout 100 USD for 7 days
Price to kitesurf in Oahu

The best locations to kitesurf in Oahu

This island is home to a couple of the most lovely beaches on the planet. With their out-of-this-world charm, you may become addicted to cutting through the crystal water and flying through the fresh air.  It is a sensational experience and among the best thing to do here.

You would prefer not to pass up a great opportunity! Refer to these best locations to do kiteboarding in Oahu.

1. Waikiki Beach

It is among the most famous Oahu attractions. To be broader, Waikiki is the busiest place of interest in Hawaii. The endless small waves, crystal blue water, and white sand make it a fantastic place for novices to attain significant skills. Better yet, thanks to quality instructors, this location is attracting even the least athletically preferred.

2. Sunset Beach

It is famous as the best spot to appreciate sunset on Oahu. One of the most beautiful places anyway. On top of that, in the colder time of year, the beach is likewise an appeal among surfers because of the chance for big wave surfing. Wear your quality kiteboarding sunglasses and be ready to ride the thrill!

3. Other bests

Aside from the two options above, we do recommend these world-acclaimed kitesurfing locations as well: Kailua Beach Park, Mokuleia Beach Park, and Flat Island

Kitesurfing at Mokuleia Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii
Kiteboarding at Mokuleia Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii

Final words

Kiteboarding in Oahu can be ever most thrilling and at the same time safest if you have good preparation regarding knowledge, gear, and skills. Also, consider the guide above as a useful booklet to refer to before you kick off your journey.