Top 10 Benefits of Kitesurfing: Why Should You Practice It

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Sun, water, wind, and sometimes, sand. For many, it is nothing more than an extreme water sport, even if most experts would rather a low-risk-sport when compared to mainstream ones. But in reality, kitesurfing can be an extremely beneficial activity for those deciding to practice it. People are more prone to think of the physical benefits of a sport. However, you must not forget that practicing kitesurf (just like any other physical activity) can prove to be particularly good for your mental health.

Indeed, kitesurfing is not only a way to exercise your body. Research shows it also contributes to your mental wellbeing. Whether you are thinking about starting, or you need some motivation to get past the first lessons, you have landed in the right place. Here we put together a collection of the top benefits of kitesurfing.

Before we get started on the list, take a look at the best kitesurfing kites for beginners! Choose the right kite is an essential part of initiating your kitesurf experience. Use our guide to find the most suitable for your needs!

Now, let’s get a better understanding of the top benefits of kitesurfing.

1. Kitesurfing Tones The Body

If you’ve ever paid attention to kitesurfers, you surely have noticed they all tend to have lean upper bodies. Indeed, kitesurfing is demanding on your arms and abdomen, but not only. Kitesurfing will also help you strengthen your legs and abductors, making it a great full-body workout, especially if you don’t like going to the gym as much. If getting your workout done and staying fit almost without noticing wasn’t enough, kitesurfing also doesn’t put excess strain on your back and shoulders. Plus, it is not harsh on your joints, which means that you can enjoy the activity in all safety!

2. It Can Help You With Mindfulness

Despite many people getting discouraged from learning to kitesurf because they think it’s too hard, the reality is that kitesurfing can be extremely relaxing. Of course, that happens when you get some more experience and build up confidence.

But generally, when on the water, you’ll become so focused that you won’t have time to worry about other obligations or problems chasing you. Indeed, one of the main benefits of kitesurfing is mental, as kitesurfing trains your brain to be hyper-alert and to live the moment fully.

Those that are more familiar with the sport must already know that even the slightest arm movement might contribute to steering the kite in a new direction. Therefore, when kitesurfing, you must learn to focus on your kite position, on your body’s movement, on your surroundings, and to reduce to a minimum the time your mind is left to wander. In essence, when kitesurfing, you are practicing mindfulness without even noticing it.

3. Kitesurfing Can Make You Happy

Kitesurfing Make You Happy
Kitesurfing Make You Happy

Just like running and other physical activities, kitesurfing releases endorphins. Such neurotransmitters create a natural “high,” which contributes to coping with stress and depression and fosters relaxation. If you need to calm down after a stressful week, why not doing so with a good session of kitesurfing?

4. It Is A Great Way To Create New Friendships

One of the most unexpected benefits of kitesurfing includes being part of a friendly community bringing together people enjoying the same sport. Despite the belief that kitesurfing is mainly an individual activity, it is instead a quite interactive sport, especially in more crowded spots.

Not many know that communication and respect are the bases of kitesurfing. For this reason, most kitesurfers are open-minded and willing to have a chat on the beach. Additionally, many practitioners tend to prefer kiting in groups both for safety reasons and for the feeling of camaraderie. Having social connections and some chit-chat is crucial for mental being.

5. It Pushes You To Travel More

When starting to practice kitesurfing more often, you’ll sense an urge to try different kitesurfing spots under diverse conditions, to challenge you further and experience the sport in new ways. After all, you can practice this water sport virtually everywhere there is some wind and water. Of course, some spots are better than others. Many kitesurfing lovers make it a personal mission to travel to places they probably never considered before, only to try kitesurfing in some of the best places in the world. Popular vacation sites for kite-surf lovers include Western Australia, the Dominican Republic, Cape Verde, Brazil, and the coastal regions of Egypt, among many others.

6. It Increases Balance and Coordination

Board sports are known to increase balance and coordination. However, kitesurfing does so more than other sport, as it involves controlling your kite, the board, observing and acting upon the changing water surroundings, and navigation. By mastering the art of multitasking on board and out in the water, you’ll notice you’ll become better at coordination on land, in your daily activities.

7. It Teaches You The Importance of Perseverance

Among the benefits of kitesurfing, we couldn’t miss perseverance. If you’ve already been to a couple of lessons, you might already know how frustrating learning this sport can be. It is not uncommon for beginners to lose the board and fail to go upwind while figuring out how to control the kite (without it controlling you).

Perseverance is a useful trait in everyday life, and it is essential for everyone willing to reach their goals. Kitesurfing can help you developing a strong sense of persistence and perseverance, as it is a sport that teaches you to keep trying even when it feels uncomfortable to do so.

8. You’ll Spend More Time In Nature

kitesurfing helps you to spend more time in nature
Kitesurfing helps you to spend more time in nature

Being outdoors is beneficial to both your mind and your body. Not only it has a positive influence on your mood, but it also helps to strengthen your immune system. Being out in the sun allows you to make the most out of the benefits of a sunny day and get your daily portion of vitamin D. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t like to spend a couple of hours out in the water and under the sun?

Furthermore, spending time outdoors will make you enjoy nature at its best. Studies show that it fosters respect for the ocean, animals, and nature in general. That, in turn, will make you appreciate the benefit of breathing fresh air away from the smog of the city.

9. Better Reflex and Reaction Capacity

Navigating in kitesurfing, jumping waves, and directing the board are pretty challenging tasks. When practicing this sport, you need to make quick and constant decisions about your direction and rapidly adjust the bar’s position, the board, and your body’s movement. Having to think fast and react to the environment contributes to strengthening your reflexes.

Such skills are not only useful when kitesurfing. They are valuable in your everyday life as well.

You might never think about it, but you rely on reflex and reaction even in the simplest activities of your day. Kitesurfing can help you go through decision-making and to gain a better understanding of your surrounding. And all this while having fun under the sun!

10. Increased Self-Confidence

Kitesurfing might not be an extreme sport in some aspects, but it is certainly true that it provides its practitioners with an adrenaline rush. This water sport is rather demanding, making every step and progress feel like a victory. If you are consistent with kitesurfing, you’ll build up your self-confidence, and you’ll start thinking that if you could make it with that, you’ll be able to do everything you set your mind to do.

The Bottom Line: Why Should You Get Into Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is great
Kitesurfing is great!

Learning this sport is an experience that will make you connect with nature and feel endless freedom and joy. It is an outdoor activity that brings benefits to both your body and your mind. On top of this, it is far less dangerous than you might think, notably thanks to the development of new safety systems. Furthermore, kitesurfing allows never gets boring because of the countless possibilities involved with this sport.

If your budget is what is holding you back from trying kitesurfing, you might want to reconsider it. Indeed, while kitesurfing equipment might be seen as quite an investment, in the beginning, the reality is that this watersport is basically for free. You won’t need to buy a day pass or to pay the subscription to a club sports, all you need is water and some wind. Of course, for beginners, kitesurfing lessons might be a considerable expense, but all in all, it will be money well spent. As you could see from this list of kitesurfing benefits, this water sport is extremely beneficial for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Look for a way to get initiated into this sport: you surely won’t regret it! Still, before deciding to go to the sea and do some kitesurfing, don’t forget to check where to find the best harness for your experience. Among all of the equipment necessary for this sport, it might be the least exciting, but it is the most essential one.