Can You Teach Yourself to Kitesurf?

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Kitesurfing is an exhilarating experience. There are few things that can rival the feel of jumping over the waves while the wind moves you at a blistering speed. It is no wonder so many people ask whether you can teach yourself to kitesurf. So, that is a question we are going to be looking to answer on this page.

Can You Teach Yourself to Kitesurf?

It is possible. However, we wouldn’t really recommend that you try it.

You have to remember that when you are kitesurfing, you are going to be out there on deepish water. This is inherently dangerous as it is. If you don’t have a clue what you are doing when you are out there on the water, then things are going to become a whole lot more dangerous. If you don’t have somebody looking out for you, then it could spell serious injury…or worse!

It isn’t a case of just picking up a kite and heading out onto the water. That kite, when it manages to catch the wind, will be dragging you about everywhere. You need to know how to control things, even if that wind suddenly changes direction or, in some cases, your kite breaks. If you have absolutely no idea how to deal with any of that properly, then you shouldn’t be teaching yourself to kitesurf.

Our suggestion is that you go out there and pick yourself up a beginner’s kitesurfing kite. You can then look for an instructor that can teach you the absolute basics of kitesurfing. Don’t learn from a YouTube video. There is absolutely nothing that can beat working with a real-life kitesurfing instructor.

Once you have picked up some of the basics, particularly when it comes to safety while kitesurfing, then you should be able to kitesurf alone for a bit. It is still not going to be recommended, but you can do it. We just can’t stress enough just how important it is that you learn the absolute basics of kitesurfing before you get to that point.

man kitesurf downloop
You should learn first the basics of kitesurf from an instructor.

Remember, the whole aim of having a real instructor teaching you is to ensure that you do not pick up any bad habits. You do not avoid bad habits if you watch a YouTube video or book. This means that you could end up doing things incorrectly, and this could put your life at risk. We are 100% sure that this is not something that you want to have happen.

Can You Kitesurf Alone?

Again, not something we would recommend, but you can do it.

Even if you are experienced, the water is going to present a lot of dangers. Sometimes it is nice to have somebody keeping an eye out for you just in case you get into a spot of trouble. It could potentially save your life. It is probably going to be a lot more fun to have somebody by your side while you are kitesurfing anyway. There is just something so exhilarating about navigating the water together. We love it!

Obviously, if you are planning on kitesurfing alone, then you will want to make sure that you have some decent equipment by your side. This may mean considering the best surfboard for beginners. Working with cheap equipment is just going to be making everything a whole lot more dangerous when you are out there on the water. We are 100% positive that this is the last thing you want to happen.

Go kitesurf with the instructor to learn the basics
Go kitesurf with the instructor to learn the basics

If you are going to be kitesurfing alone, then at the very least we recommend that you tell somebody where you are heading. This way if something does go wrong, people will have a rough idea of where you are.

You will also want to keep an eye on wind and weather conditions before you head out on the water too. Most kitesurfing accidents are caused by people not really knowing what to expect weather-wise e.g. if they can expect the wind to pick up, or if there is likely to be a huge storm. Don’t fall into that trap.

We also wouldn’t really recommend that you kitesurf in a brand new area. As we have said before, the water is inherently dangerous as it is, you probably do not want to make it even more dangerous for yourself by being in unfamiliar surroundings, do you?

How Long Does It Take to Get Good at Kitesurfing?

You know what they say about learning a skill; they take a lifetime to master. Kitesurfing is no exception to that rule. You can’t expect to be a pro kitesurfer in just a few lessons. It will take years and years of practice. That being said, you can easily pick up the absolute basics of kitesurfing in a few short lessons with a decent instructor. By a few basics, we mean that you will learn how to read the weather and stay afloat, and perhaps deal with some emergency situations while you are kitesurfing.

Most people suggest that, at the very minimum, it is going to take around 6-hours for you to learn how to kitesurf. In fact, you would struggle to find courses under 6-hours in length. However, it is likely that learning the basics of kitesurfing could take much longer than this. In fact, probably about double the amount of time.

Kitesurfing is something that requires a lot of different skills. You need to know how to read the weather. You need to know how to move your body correctly. You need to know how to keep an eye on your kite. You need to know how to deal with emergencies. You need to know how the water is moving. You need to know how to keep your balance on the water. Nobody can teach you this in a couple of hours. If they claim they can, then they are just lying.


So, there you have it. The answer to the question “can you teach yourself to kitesurf?” is a no. You could try, but it seriously is going to be dangerous. You are best picking up some decent kitesurfing equipment and finding a reputable teacher. At least that way you can be sure that you are learning how to do everything properly. That will make things a lot more fun for you. Trust us on that one.