Best Wetsuit For Kitesurfing

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A dedicated kitesurfer will want to spend as much time as possible out on the water, and that means kiting in cold conditions as well as warm.

Unless you’re blessed with eternally sunny weather where you live, you’ll want to find the best wetsuit for kitesurfing to keep you warm and comfortable while you enjoy your favorite sport.

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Many factors come into play when choosing a kitesurfing wetsuit. You want one that’s a snug fit without being restricting, something thick enough to keep the cool water out but not so thick that it isn’t flexible, and adequate protection from the wind.

The exact conditions you kite in will vary the importance of these features, but comfort should be the most important advantage it offers.

Which are the best wetsuit brands then?

We’ve considered quality, materials, price, and other features in our search for the top rated suits so that you, the kitesurfer, will have something that perfectly suits your favorite water sport.

This buying guide not only shows you the top wetsuit brands and their offerings for the modern kitesurfer but has a detailed wetsuits comparison so you can find the best of the best.

With our help, you’ll have the most important piece of kitesurfing gear sorted and will be able to head out kiting any time, regardless of the weather on the water.

Our Recommendations for the Best Wetsuits for Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing can be done without a wetsuit in the ideal weather conditions, but any surfer knows that these days are few and far between.

With that in mind, having a high-quality wetsuit ready for action is something all kitesurfers should do, so we’ve compiled a lengthy wetsuits comparison to show you which ones we prefer.

Best Overall Wetsuit: Reviews & Recommendations for 2020

There are some specialty items out there claiming to be the best wetsuit for surfing, but if you want a consistent everyday suit then these are our recommendations.

These top picks are great for men and women of all ages and give you the perfect blend of flexibility and strength that’s required from the best wetsuits.

Best Wetsuit For Kitesurfing

BEST OVERALL: Hevto Guardian and Goddess Wetsuit

Hevto Guardian and Goddess Wetsuit Review
Hevto Guardian and Goddess Wetsuit

The clear winner of our wetsuits review is the Hevto Guardian and Goddess Wetsuit. Coming in two different styles to suit men and women, and with a further range of size options for each from extra small to xxx-large, they’ve truly thought of everyone when designing these.

Colors include black, blue, red, and gray, and they’re soft enough to move in while also protecting from the wind chill and low water temperatures. The Hevto Guardian and Goddess Wetsuit is made with 3mm thick neoprene and comfortable nylon elastic so it’s perfect for kitesurfing and plenty of other water activities like kayaking and snorkeling.

The Hevto Guardian and Goddess Westuits are made from quality neoprene which adds to the flexibility of them. According to reviews, this is one of the most comfortable wetsuits around that offer a great range of motion. Any kitesurfer knows how important it is to be able to move around freely on the board, so this was the feature that sealed the deal.

One issue previous customers had was with the chest area of the wetsuit and the lack of protective material. Although it appears to be windbreaking when you look at the design, it isn’t. The result is cold air sometimes getting through, making it pretty chilly if you decide to surf in winter.

Consider another layer underneath if you’re planning on going in very cold weather, otherwise, it shouldn’t be too noticeable.

There are plenty of noteworthy features in these wetsuits including flatlock stitching, environmentally friendly materials, and sensitive skin-friendly design. They’re made to suit water conditions of 50℉- 67℉ but there is some leeway here in either direction. The neoprene is soft and comfortable on your skin and allows for movement, while also giving some flotation aid.

The Hevto Guardian and Goddess Wetsuits come with a two year limited warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you can send it back for a full refund at that time if you’re not impressed.

These wetsuits are available for the best price on Amazon, ranging from $40 to $70 depending on size and whether you’re choosing the male or female design. As a great all-purpose wetsuit that gives freedom of movement and comfort, the Hevto is our number one pick.

Runner Up: Lemorecn Wetsuit

Lemorecn Wetsuit Review
Lemorecn Wetsuit

If you’re someone who prefers to kite in colder weather, you might prefer something a little more chill friendly like the Lemorecn Wetsuit. This neoprene wetsuit has a selection of men’s sizes from small to XXX-large and just two sizes for women, all in a range of colors to suit every kitesurfing setup.

Their wetsuits come in either 3mm or 5mm thickness so for extra cold weather you’ll have the right gear, although their most popular seller is the 3mm suit.

The best thing about these wetsuits is how it differs in thickness around certain parts of the wetsuit depending on what’s required. The chest panel is thicker to give you warmth where it usually gets colder and there are thinner 2mm sleeves that allow for flexibility. If you opt for the warmer wetsuits you’ll also find this difference in panels so it’s a clever design that works for both styles.

On the downside, some customers found the sizing to be off and had to return their chosen wetsuits, even though they give detailed measurements on the product page. You might also feel as though the zipper is a little small which makes it harder to get in and out of, but this is something that would bother the taller wearers more.

There are heaps of great features in the Lemorecn Wetsuit for its price, including stress points that have been spot taped for extra durability and a flatlock seam stitched around the suit so that it always feels soft and comfortable.

It has an extra-long leash so you can reach it with ease and a tough YKK zipper on the back. There’s plenty of sizes to choose from, different colors, and even varying neoprene thickness so you can tailor it to exactly what you need from a kitesurfing wetsuit.

Priced at around $40 to $90 on Amazon, depending on size, it’s a mid-range wetsuit that will be worth the investment. There’s no warranty offered by Lemorecn which is disappointing, but reviewers seem to have had no issues returning or replacing any faulty suits.

If you’re after a wetsuit for women, the options are limited, but otherwise, the Lemorecn Wetsuit has plenty of cool features and more than enough protection for colder climates.

Alternative: Realon Men’s Wetsuit

Realon Men?s Wetsuit Review
Realon Men’s Wetsuit

The Realon Men’s Wetsuit is a slightly more expensive but good quality option for a kitesurfing wetsuit, and with the right features to make it adaptable for other water activities, too.

As a full body style wetsuit, it’s got enough coverage to keep you protected regardless of weather and without being too thick that it increases your body temperature in warmer conditions. With 2/3mm quality neoprene construction, this thermal wetsuit it’s built to last and will suit both boys and men who kitesurf regularly.

What kitesurfing customers loved most about the Realon Men’s Wetsuit is the quality of the materials.

They noted that it was soft and flexible which gave them a better range of motion in the water and the flatlock stitching was a nice touch. Customers also found that the Realon wetsuit had a lot more buoyancy than others they’d worn which can be helpful when you want to save some energy out in the water.

A major flaw with this wetsuit brand is their lack of women’s styles, but that aside there were a few other inconveniences that could be fixed.

The neoprene is a little thinner in some areas at 2mm so it’s probably not the best for really cold conditions or harsh wind chill, so that’s something to keep in mind. The legs are large and can be baggy, depending on your build, which could take away from its comfort as well.

The Realon Men’s Wetsuit comes in sizes from small to XXX-large for men and they have a full list of measurements on the product page. It features a zippered leash for easy access and it’s smooth to peel off and put on. There is a range of colors including blue, gray, and red, so if you want something to suit your style then you’re in luck.

This is one of the more expensive wetsuits we’ve reviewed, sitting slightly higher than mid range. Priced at up to $90 on Amazon for the largest size, it’s obvious you’re paying for the quality of neoprene used, but with a few minor design flaws, it may not be exactly what you want.

Realon don’t offer a warranty on this wetsuit so keep that in mind, but with the high quality of material, it hopefully shouldn’t matter.

Alternative: ZCCO Ultra Stretch Wetsuit

ZCCO Ultra Stretch Wetsuit Review
ZCCO Ultra Stretch Wetsuit

The ZCCO Ultra Stretch Wetsuit is ideal for kitesurfers who like to ride a little rougher, but not necessarily for those who like to ride in cooler conditions.

With extra features like anti-abrasion kneepads and ultra-stretch neoprene for flexibility, you’ll be pretty pleased with this in any type of water activity. The rubber and nylon construction is 3mm thick all around so it’s good for warm to cool weather, and ZCCO recommends choosing a tighter fit than usual if you want extra protection from cold conditions.

Some other things make this a standout compared to others, and not just the anti-abrasion kneepads. We love the four separate zippers situated on the arms and legs which make it easier to get off and on compared to others that have just one back zipper.

If you usually struggle, this could be a major selling point. There’s also a zip at the back with a leash that lets you pull it up and down without reaching too far, further adding to the accessibility.

According to customers, the sizes are a little off and there was some trial and error to get the right one. ZCCO recommends that customers shop for their weight rather than other measurements, with the extra small suit being for 106 to 122lbs versus the XXXX-large one suiting up to 251lbs.

Some people also found the neck closure too tight, even though the rest was a perfect fit, and it could end up hindering the whole wetsuit.

The ZCCO Wetsuit comes in a range of sizes and colors for men and women. The women’s range from extra small to extra large and the men’s from extra small to XXXX-large which makes it some of the largest we’ve reviewed in this price range. Made with 90% rubber and 10% nylon it feels different from other neoprene suits, with some customers preferring the change more than others.

This wetsuit costs around $75 on Amazon for the biggest size so it’s a cost-effective option if you’re looking for your first kitesurfing wetsuit.  

With plenty of choice for sizes and both men’s and women’s fits available you’ll be able to find the right one, provided you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, so the ZCCO Wetsuit is up there with our top picks.

Best Wetsuit for Women

The male and female form is quite different, and when it comes to a wetsuit that you want to fit perfectly, it can be hugely beneficial to shop for your gender.

Most wetsuits come with options for male or female users but not all of them understand the unique needs that women’s bodies need for kitesurfing.

BEST OVERALL: COPOZZ Diving Skin Wetsuit

COPOZZ Diving Skin Wetsuit Review
COPOZZ Diving Skin Wetsuit for women

COPOZZ has designed the ultimate women’s wetsuit for kitesurfing so if you’ve been trying and failing to make the men’s styles work for your body, this is good news.

The COPOZZ wetsuit is a little different, made out of soft and flexible Lycra spandex, it’s better suited to kiting in warmer weather. The suit offers great ventilation and is stretchy for a greater range of movement, perfect for all kinds of water activities, especially kite surfing.

The best feature of this skin wetsuit from COPOZZ is how well it fits on the skin and without the irritation that sometimes comes with neoprene.

Although it’s not made for cold weather specifically, it would be a great skin suit to wear underneath a thermal wetsuit. The Lycra spandex is soft and doesn’t get bogged with water so you’ll be able to move freely at all times. It cleans easily and is made with quality materials to last many years to come.

This wetsuit is only made of Lycra spandex and while it may feel good, it’s not exactly offering the same level of coverage that neoprene can. You won’t be able to wear it in cold water and it does little to protect against wind chill, so you’ll need backup.

Although you may not feel protected from the marine life you usually come into contact with while kitesurfing, it should do an adequate job. Some reviewers mention that the torso is shorter, and this is true in women’s clothing, so if you have a longer torso than most you might feel more comfortable in the men’s style.

The COPOZZ Diving Skin Wetsuit comes in a selection of bright colors to help with visibility out on the water and it has a much more feminine design than the others we’ve reviewed. This wetsuit features a UV protection coating, long front zipper for accessibility, and stirrups on the feet and wrists to keep you strapped in comfortably, even in rougher waters.

Overall, this is one of the most comfortable wetsuits around and also the best for the female form. With sizes from small to extra-large for women and a few different colors to choose from, this wetsuit is a bargain, priced at less than $40 when you shop on Amazon.

The COPOZZ Diving Skin Wetsuit truly feels like a second skin and is just the type of coverage you want for kitesurfing.

FAQ About Wetsuits

kitesurfing with wetsuit
Kitesurfing with wetsuit

Wetsuits are useful for all types of water activities, and especially popular among kitesurfers.

These amazing garments do everything from keeping you warm in winter waters to protecting you from surrounding marine life.

If you’re new to wetsuits and are in the market to buy one for kitesurfing, we’ve got the basics covered with these answers to frequently asked questions about them.

What Is A Wetsuit Used For?

The wetsuit was invented in 1952 as a garment for use in the water with people wearing them for kite surfing, swimming, diving, kayaking, and snorkeling, among others.

These garments can be full or half-length and are usually made of neoprene. The wetsuit is worn to keep you warm from cold water, protect against wind chill, abrasions, and ultraviolet rays, and also provides buoyancy to keep you afloat in the water.

Do Wetsuits Keep You Warm In The Water?

Do wetsuit keeps you warm in the water
Do wetsuit keeps you warm in the water

Wetsuits come in many different styles, materials, and thicknesses, each impacting how efficient they are at thermal insulation.

Wetsuits made specifically for cold weather have insulation properties that keep the bubbles of gas enclosed within, thus allowing it to conduct heat which is then passed onto the wearer to keep them warm.

However, not all wetsuits are made for heat purposes, but rather as a form of protection.

Do You Wear Anything Under A Wetsuit?

The standard attire underneath is a wetsuit is to wear nothing as it’s been designed to sit snugly against your skin, but it’s a personal decision.

In colder climates, you may wear thermal underwear or swimwear underneath to add extra layers of warmth. If you want the option to remove the wetsuit at any point, it’s advisable to wear a bathing suit underneath.

Should A Wetsuit Be Tight?

A wetsuit should be tight enough so that it’s comfortable to wear and lets you move freely, but not so loose that water can get in between it and your skin.

The design of a wetsuit works better when they sit snug against your skin to trap the heat, so make sure you try them on and note any loose areas before wearing them out on the water.

The Right Attire for a Day on the Water

woman in kitesurfing wetsuit
The Right Attire for a Day on the Water

Kitesurfing is a sport that requires many pieces of equipment, but without the right coverage and protection for your body, the rest of your gear will be worthless.

Wetsuits don’t just have to protect against cold weather so regardless of your skill level, it’s a smart investment for anyone who likes to kitesurf.

A wetsuit can keep you safe from abrasions or jellyfish stings, but also keep you afloat in the water or protected from wind chill and UV rays. No matter where you kitesurf and the conditions you do it in, you’ll find plenty of advantages equipping yourself with the perfect fit.

With our recommendations for the best wetsuits for kitesurfing and some of the most affordable brands, it should be easy to find one that suits your kiting style.

Whether you need something for cold weather or one with a greater range of motion, we’ve covered all styles here to please every type of kitesurfer.