Top 7 Best Surfboard Rack Models That You Should Never Miss

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Thanks to the top surfboard rack, you can put away your boards safely until when you play with the waves again.

The concern is, the choices out there are overwhelming. That is why we have looked through the market exhaustively and made a rundown of the best selections to let you feel free from worry over putting your precious paddleboard on it.

For what reason would it be advisable for you to go surfing?

1. Help achieve your health goals

Surfing is incredible for your health. When paddling and surfing, you work on your circulatory system as well as better your legs, back, and core muscles. There is an impressive increase in the hips’ strength, also.

2. Make becoming and staying fit the most fascinating journey ever

More than that, do you know the sexy bodies you always admire on surfboards are the result of surfing. It should motivate you to be in great shape. Another plus point is, this sport manages to improve your lung capacity, which ultimately makes you healthier.

Better yet, when accomplishing your desired physical fitness via surfboarding, you get enhanced stamina and reduce stress. That is on account of the adrenaline rush and the endorphin release. 

3. Even more

But that is not all. other surfing advantages include:

  • A stimulation of confidence levels.
  • Improving patience.
  • Helping you figure out how to respect nature.
  • Developing friendships. Then again, teaching solitude.
  • Being a perfectly good reason for traveling.
  • Getting you an irresistible tan for a new irresistible you – without you having to try.

The thing is, to get these advantages, you need to have the most suitable surfboard. And for this equipment to do much good, storing it well is a must.

You may likewise realize that surfboarding is a culture. Assuming your entire family enjoys riding the waves, it is necessary to have a gear storage system.

For these reasons, you should get proper surfboard wall racks. Aside from filling in as a safe storage area, they are a perfect display.

For those who are thinking about what this rack is. The port can hold your surfboard (be it short or long) after you make it free of dirt or something and gets it home.

A surfboard rack: Why is it worth it? 

1. Complement your interior design

Surfboarding can steal your heart quickly. And in case you live in the coastal, the chance is, you feel like you are part of the ocean life. We mean you incorporate maritime attributes into your home. In this way, it is unsurprising to see surfboards in a surfer’s house.

The question now is: How to make the storage area aesthetic and practical? Leaving them on your garage’s floor will do no good to them. Not to mention, you likely step or fall on it, which leads you to an injury.

Your answer to this concern is getting a surfboard wall mount that will make your surfboard a smooth mix and match with your home decor. 

Along these lines, to keep your wave-riding spirit full of beans in your living space, you will want to display the board on the ceiling and the likes of it where it will not bring on any obstructions. Search for a rack with a suitable design. 

2. Keep your home organized

The other motivation behind having a rack is for your place to stay organized.

This baby keeps every one of your boards secured in a single area and amazingly increases sanity in your home. And hey gentlewomen, believe it or not, this is the most ideal choice for every one of the men in your family to arrange stuff the right way.

3. Protect your valuable surfboard

The rack is necessary for you to keep your surfboard away from dents and scratches. The appropriate rack’s solid build helps hold it set up. Also, thanks to a cushioned interior, the board will remain safe and sound. At the end of the day, it will be more durable.

4. Enable the easiest access possible

Imagine what is more satisfying than the easiest access to your surfboard when you are hurrying to catch the next desirable wave promptly early in the morning? A rack does the job!

Your top surfboard ceiling rack

1. StoreYourBoard Double SUP & Surf Ceiling Storage Rack – by StoreYourBoard

StoreYourBoard Double SUP & Surf Ceiling Storage Rack
StoreYourBoard Double SUP & Surf Ceiling Storage Rack

Are you among people who have limited space in their homes and searching for an overhead storage approach for their surfboards? Then, you cannot go wrong with this model. One of its best features is the heavy-duty steel build.

Constructed out of heavy steel, the StoreYourBoard Double SUP & Surf Ceiling Storage Rack works to hold a whopping 150 pounds (half of that amount on each side). This strength is sufficient to handle three SUPs (aka stand-up paddleboards) simultaneously. Better yet, the unit comes with sports pads that deliver support to your boards and keep them away from the ravages of time.

Made of heavy-duty steel, this rack from StoreYourBoard can hold up to 150 lbs (75 lbs on each side) and is strong enough to hold three stand-up paddleboards at the same time. What is also great is that it features sports cushions that provide support to your boards and prevent wear and tear.

How about ease of use? You can adjust the height of this spacious enough heavy-duty rack. And the center column is changeable to eight degrees from ten based on your board’s thickness. Plus, you have the choice to move out the arms for straightforward access.

What is more? You may appreciate that it is super-duper simple to install, thanks to included mountain screws.

Generally, the model is beneficial in one way or another.

2. Famous Surf Supply Famous Surf Rack – by Famous Surf Supply

Famous Surf Supply Famous Surf Rack
Famous Surf Supply Famous Surf Rack

This surfboard storage come strongly suggested for surfers since surfers have teamed to make it. And it is worth noting that the model is one of the few with the ability to hold up your tough, versatile, fancy, and board-specific board.

Plus, again, wave riding is not a mere sport. As soon as it gets to you, it turns into your way of life. You are into surfing, and the most ideal way for you to incorporate it into your garages, home, or somewhere is by getting proper storage designs that practically double as in-house furniture. The good news is, this Famous Surf Supply manages to do the job with its excellent design.

One of the cool features is the galvanized steel leveraged on the 30-in arm fitting pretty much every standard paddleboard. That arm is fantastic on ceilings and holds a considerable weight – say as much as 100 pounds.

What is great is, even with the large strength, the item boasts a softer side. We mean the thick foam protection. It should ensure there will be no dings to your board.

Furthermore, the width measurement is 10.5 inches. Thus, the Famous Surf Rack is excellent for a lot of smaller surfboards.

Last but not least, installation is simple because of the way that the model has all significant hardware. You will understand installation instructions easily as well. The screws and holes enable the least possibly difficult installing process.

3. BPS Superior SUP and Surfboard Storage – by BPS

BPS Superior SUP and Surfboard Storage
BPS Superior SUP and Surfboard Storage

Indeed, the first thing we should specify about this top surfboard ceiling rack is that its price is favorable. The product unit is also what your home needs to look tidy and what your board needs to stay secure and safe. Above all, it is fantastic for paddles, SUPs, shortboards, and long ones alike.

This BPS can do so owing to its 30-in arch designed out of galvanized steel to remain durable as well as hold your boards set up securely. It additionally comes with foam cushioning with the ability to absorb shocks.

For those pondering about what makes the model equipped for holding wide SUPs, its sizable vinyl end caps serve that purpose.

Speaking of the installation process, you may appreciate it is simple, most definitely. That is thanks to the particular build of marine-grade stainless steel screws with greater length. They are impressive for a protected grip. You have the option to screw them across the drywall into the timber.

But that is not all. The instruction book makes it even easier to install the rack. It will guide you on the most proficient way of working around the screws and holds. In the event of mishaps, the one-year warranty is ready to cover you. This guarantee is on the screws as well – great, isn’t that so?

4. SPAREHAND Wall Mount Rack – by SPAREHAND

SPAREHAND Wall Mount Rack
SPAREHAND Wall Mount Rack

The solid steel build and removable 27-in long arm make this top surfboard ceiling rack hold pretty much any SUP or surfboard ever created.

To be specific, constructed with sturdy steel with a whole dark finish, the model is sufficiently able to hold two boards as well as carry an impressive weight of 100 pounds. The materials’ excellence eliminates every one of the concerns related to durability. As a bonus, the company provides you with a 12-month warranty on the product unit.

What about ease of use, you ask? Thanks to its removable steel arms, the solid multipurpose rack from SPAREHAND works to accommodate two surfboards. Dense cushioning covers the arms to keep your board from any damage.

On top of that, the model boasts the inclusion of every one of the necessities for setting it up close to your place’s ceiling. These include a manual and all the hardware.

5. StoreYourBoard SUP and Surfboard Ceiling Storage Rack – by StoreYourBoard

StoreYourBoard SUP and Surfboard Ceiling Storage Rack
StoreYourBoard SUP and Surfboard Ceiling Storage Rack

Another StoreYouBoard choice makes the list of the top surfboard ceiling rack selections. And there are good reasons for that. The main ones lie in it being capable enough to free up space on your floor and protect your board from becoming dinged.

In particular, the model is made of heavy-duty steel. You will like the steady material and zero possibility of your surfboards falling. The product can hold a weight of fifty pounds at max.

What’s more, measuring 27 inches wide and twelve inches thick, it can accommodate two boards (you know, boards tend to be around six inches thick). Still, using this slot for one surfboard only is advisable. The width fits paddleboards whose thickness is up to 36 inches.

Moreover, the arms boast the presence of protective foam cushioning. Aside from keeping your board away from scratches, it maintains a certain grip form, protecting the gear against any slip.

It is simple and fast to install – to the unbelievable point, indeed. You can find the manual and all the mounting hardware in the set. 

6. SUP Ceiling or Wall Storage Rack – by COR Surf

Life is too short to complicate putting away your board, on the ceiling or wall. The COR storage port proves that, as you are about to see.

Talking about build quality, you may be satisfied with the quality galvanized steel material used. Rusting will not build up in the rack thanks to the protection from the black powder coating. The EVA foam cushioning prevents the steel from scraping the board.

With the 27-in wide arms that enable board thickness of an impressive 10.5 inches, this COR works to accommodate any surfboards with ease. 100 pounds is the maximum weight allowed.

And the same as with other models in this rundown, it is easy to install the product unit. The set provides the manual and anything else you will need to do so.

7. Kayak Storage Hooks – Wall Mount Garage Hangers – by by Rad Sportz

Kayak Storage Hooks – Wall Mount Garage Hangers
Kayak Storage Hooks – Wall Mount Garage Hangers

Made from a top-notch yellow powder-coated steel expectedly holding up to a looooong time of use, this top surfboard ceiling rack is also one of the best-priced choices on our rundown for surfers turned off to sacrificing quality for the sake of the cost.

It is worth noting that the product unit prioritizes your board’s safety. Thanks to clips and nylon straps included, the surfboard will get secured to the rack, and stay away from dropping out and possible damages. In general, it should be a protected area for your boards for an extra-long time to come.

Yet, that is not all. Storage space of an incredible 125 pounds allows the model to even accommodate the most sizable boards.

This powerhouse is remarkably versatile as well. You can without much of a stretch mount it up on a ceiling, wall, benches, or posts. Moreover, the product unit comes with foam cushions that keep your paddleboards from scratches.

DIY project

Rather than buying one, do you prefer crafting your own top surfboard ceiling rack? Then, here you are:

1. Equipment and materials needed

  • Tape measure
  • Pliers
  • Rope
  • Four eye bolts
  • Four carabiners (optional)

2. A step-by-step guide

  • Measure your boards;
  • Measure the ceiling space to ensure about the room needed;
  • Screw eye bolts into ceiling joists utilizing pliers;
  • Connect carabiners to those eye bolts;
  • Use the rope to tie a knot into the carabiners;
  • Tweak the two ropes, allowing them to be the same length and ensuring sufficient room. 
  • Test for strength. If needed, add extra eye bolts.
  • Hang your board in the rack ‘made by yourself’. 

For further details of this DYI project, you may want to see it here.

How to choose your surfboard storage: The buying guide you need

1. Key attributes in a ceiling rack

  • Make certain that your surfboard has sufficient coverage. The rack should hold no less than 3/4 of the board.
  • Thick cushioned arms, generally made using foam or the likes of it are significant. These cushions keep the paddleboard from becoming marked up.
  • Racks that include the necessary hardware will get rid of the need for a time-consuming, tricky installation.
  • It is always advisable to have racks with a warranty since that might be your one-off investment.

2. Ability to last long

Your top surfboard ceiling rack should be a one-off investment. As soon as it is on your ceiling, it is better off not suffering from any damage. There should be little to no wear and tear from putting away the surfboard.

3. Your rack’s strength

A pro tip is, the weight capacity you had better search for on your ceiling rack should be your surfboards’ weight plus twenty percent of extra weight. In case you intend to upgrade the boards, you may want to customize the racks’ weight, in view of your customization.

4. Installation

Many screws and brackets can be bothersome, and your installation process should not include a lot of them. Seek a rack that you can install on any ceiling and have a few points. Prepare your tools and see if the surfboard rack has fasteners. Does it? Then, the installation will be even easier.

Some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Four surfboards on a freestanding rack on a white wall

1. Should I purchase a separate rack for various types of surfboards?

No, not really. Most of the board storage racks are multi-purposes. Assuming you have many surfboards whose sizes are various, search for multi-arm racks. Make certain you look at the rack dimensions to figure out if they would fit your boards.

2. How can I lock a board to a ceiling rack?

Here are several things to bear in mind when you lock in your surfboard:

  • Adhere to the manual for the storage rack;
  • Put your board centrally in the rack;
  • Make certain the board is free from dust and dirt and dry;
  • Ensure that the boards do not get held overly tight when you secure them.

3. Best surfboard wall racks?

Some of the models mentioned above are also the wall type – for example, the Block Surf Surfboard Ceiling/ Wall Sling. But in case you are looking for a solely dedicated one to that purpose, here you go:

Suspenz 4-Paddle Rack – by Suspenz

Landing a spot on the rundown, this vertical surfboard wall rack from Suspenz manages to safely put away four paddles vertically with its powder-coated steel build. 

To be specific, constructed out of quality steel covered with rubber, the model is legit made to stay durable. Considering such a minimalist construction, there is very little that can turn out badly, indeed.

What is also cool is, the product unit has a one-of-a-kind build since it has grooves of rubber cushions. Thanks to that protective rubber, your surfboards will not fall out of the storage slot. It makes them safely set up in a vertical position. Above all, you will mount the rack on any sort of wall with ease.

COR Surf Paddle Board Wall Rack – by COR Surf

Strong, great looking, reasonably priced, and made to display your board (be it paddleboard, long, or short one) in your garage, office, or home. That is how we love to define this COR Surf.

Constructed out of powder-coated dark galvanized steel with rusting prevention characteristics, the rack will not let you down as far as durability is concerned. Thanks to EVA Foam, your surfboard will get protected against damages. In case you have any issue with the model, which we question, you will appreciate coverage with a lifetime warranty. Just, wow.

What’s more, the product unit is solid out-and-out. A 190-degree bend enables it to hold two surfboards at the same time and even more assuming you desire to stack them. Other plus points include a high weight limit and heavy-duty wall anchors with impressive performance. 

All things considered

Best surfboard racks: A summary

Surfboarding boasts the offer of health advantages. For instance, paddling increases your cardiovascular fitness. Your back and shoulder become stronger still because of paddling. It additionally boosts leg and core strength since you stand up on the paddleboard.

There is even more to this sport. It is an extraordinary stress reliever, a terrific way you can count on to enjoy time outdoors to the fullest.

But the condition is, to get the most out of surfing, you need to have a board in great shape. Needless to say, purchasing a paddleboard each summer is not a good idea. Once you get one, it is better off having a durable design.

This is what the designers do: They make the best, followed by upkeep and care-related responsibility handed over to you. 

On the one hand, you may put your surfboard on the floor after use. Leaving it there, you lock the garage. Yet, on the other hand, the strong effect of wear and tear is insane. The possible consequence is a messy space. 

That is why the top surfboard ceiling rack is significant to prevent this. Our review of the best options highlights the noteworthy attributes, and clearly enough, at least one of them would work most smoothly for you.