Top 4 Best Kiteboarding Gears Mystic Has To Offer

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If you’re a kiteboarding fun, you definitely enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes with it. Nowadays, there are various kinds of kite sports, and kiteboarding is one of them. Also known as Kite surfing, this sport blends most of the things we love about old-fashioned surfing with windsurfing, wakeboarding, and water skiing. However, it takes some practice to learn kiteboarding.

Buying kiteboarding equipment can be difficult considering the numerous brands, sizing considerations, and the different kiteboard designs. In this article, we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you; all you have to do is go to the store and buy the gear. Kiteboarding has a lot of different riding disciplines. What other people ride is most probably related to their kite surfing skills and preferences. If you are just getting started in kiteboarding, do not buy the same equipment the professionals are using; their equipment is designed to meet their advanced niche.

Currently, there is a wide array of kiteboarding gear produced by different manufacturers. Today, we will review the best kite surfing gear from Mystic. Mystic is an infamous firm that makes quality watersport gear. They produce high-quality equipment that meets all your water-sporting needs. Below are the top 4 kiteboarding gear from Mystic.

Here they are.

The Best Mystic Kiteboarding Gears

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1. Mystic Gem Jalou Langeree

Mystic Gem Jalou Langeree one of the best mystic kitesurfing gears
Mystic Gem Jalou Langeree

Once in a while, it’s good to try something new. After a long time of kite surfing with a softshell harness, it’s time for a change, and this women’s waist harness is the change you need! We all know that a harness is a very personal item; thus, you have to buy the best. This one fits perfectly, including themselves. It has a smaller build as compared to other Mystic harnesses though it gets the job done. The shell fits nicely around your core, and you don’t feel the touchpoints. This means that this lightweight harness is comfy when kite surfing.

The spreader bar doesn’t come with the harness, so you have to purchase it separately. This allows you to buy the bar of your choice, depending on your kite surfing style. Besides, this harness offers you an incredible experience when surfing since it’s so comfortable you do not feel it at all.

The slim design and the use of glass fiber for the shell are quite impressive. It is lightweight and durable, as well.


  • Slim design
  • HP system
  • Glass fiber shell
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Fast release ring
  • Bionic core structure


  • Lightweight
  • The glass fiber shell makes it durable and flexible
  • Comfortable


  • Only works well with Mystic spreader bars

2. Mystic Majestic Harness

Mystic Majestic Harness
Mystic Majestic Harness

Second on our list is this hard shell harness, which offers you a more touchless rigor than the popular Majestic X. The Bionic core frame and design are notable. Besides, it has Glass fiber, which is better than Carbon, which offers you more flexibility. The additional freedom of movement is ideal for perceptive kite surfers and wave riders looking for a high-quality harness.

Several spreader bars can be fitted thanks to the soft interior and the smooth neoprene edges. It has a fantastic high-quality build, which Mystic has become infamous for.

It is very comfortable while surfing. Due to its touchless rigor, it is comfortable and painless to kitesurf with. You barely feel it when it’s on, and the support it offers is unbelievable. It fits well, which means you don’t have to keep pushing it down when kiteboarding, no matter how intense the session. You can wear it with board shorts since the interior is smooth on your skin. This harness also features a knife pocket, which is excellent.


  • Bionic core frame
  • Glass fiber shell
  • Smooth Neoprene edges
  • Knife pocket
  • Fast release ring


  • Durable
  • Flexible due to the glass fiber
  • Lightweight


  • Comes with few color options

3. Majestic Kite Impact Vest

Majestic Kite Impact Vest is one of the top gears made by majestic
Majestic Kite Impact Vest

Mystic left nothing to chance with this impact vest. It offers more than enough protection for you when surfing. Besides, it is the perfect vest for surfing or windsurfing. It is quite pricey though you can check in different online shops. On the other hand, you can pay less for similar impacts vests though you will not get as much value as this one offers.

Unfortunately, the majestic Impact vests` color choices are somewhat dull; the only colors to choose from are black or black for the most part, with a hint of red. This impact vest is purposely designed to wear with a waist harness. The impact structure, together with the neoprene foam, forms excellent impact resistance. Ample protection is included in the back, rib cage, and chest areas.

What’s more, it is fully designed using M-Flex neoprene membrane. It offers you full stretch. This neoprene is the most flexible one currently. Not only does it offer flexibility but also durability. It has various advantages, but its ability to stretch is the most remarkable; it stretches up to double its initial size. The cross-weaving stitching also contributes to its durability and allows it to stretch steadily in all four directions. Furthermore, it is smooth on your skin, which adds to comfort.

Beneath the perforation is the infamous impact foam. This is an incredible shock-absorbing product; it is prevalent even among kite surfing experts. Its thin structure makes it lightweight, which means you can easily handle pass it to another surfer. It is seemly for seat and waist harnesses.

Note: This is not a life jacket.


  • Anatomical fit
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • M-Flex Neoprene
  • The harness’s Non-slip panel
  • Chest, back, and sides clash foam
  • Durable stitching
  • Smooth neoprene collar


  • Durable
  • Stretches evenly
  • Safe to use due to the clash foam
  • Smooth on your skin
  • Lightweight


  • Quite expensive
  • Comes in two dull colors

4. Mystic Pro Golf Bag

Mystic Pro Golf Bag
Mystic Pro Golf Bag

It is necessary to have a good-looking robust bag to carry all your kiteboarding gear. If you have used the Mystic golf bag, you will definitely love the Mystic Pro Golf bag. It is high-quality, which is evident since it is made by Mystic, and they have new adorable colors to choose from and new features as well.

Its dimension is 150 by 45 by 40 cm, which means it is spacious enough to fit all your kiteboarding gear, including 1 or 2 boards, your wetsuit, and still have room left for more. Also, this bag has a softshell design.

The 600D Polyester ensures durability, while its PVC cover is specifically used for water resistance and dirt, making it very easy to clean. Besides featuring a thick-padded bottom, half of it is secured using high-density PVC, which translates to more protection to the gear you have placed inside it.

The thick and durable shoulder straps and the wheels are a nice touch. The wheels ease the process of carrying it around with you on the street roads. Though this bag is quite heavy, it weighs approximately 4.5Kgs when empty. It is adorable how they also added more tightening straps across the bag’s body, which means you are guaranteed that everything will be extremely secure as you carry it.

And if that wasn’t enough, this bag also comes with a hand pump and two vacuum bags, which are perfect for placing your kite compared to regular bags, which usually add a lot of unnecessary weight. Moreover, the pulleys are rock-hard and indestructible. They are impressively strong and are made of double-stitched leather. This bag was made to impress!


  • 600D Polyester
  • PVC cover
  • Bottom reinforced with High-density PVC
  • Hand pump & 2 vacuum bags
  • Double stitch leather straps
  • Additional tightening straps


  • Durable
  • PVC cover makes it easy to clean
  • Spacious – it can hold two boards, three kites and still have more room left
  • Has wheels
  • It is ventilated
  • Robust PVC reinforcements


  • It is quite heavy
  • Cannot fit the longer surfboards


If you don’t kitesurf a lot, you can consider renting your equipment. The cost of renting for a long time is similar to the price of buying new gear. Once you decide to rent it, you will purchase new equipment, specifically picked for the current weather conditions and your skills. Additionally, you won’t need to travel with anything other than your board shorts. However, you have to be keen on your insurance package.

Remember, kiteboarding is a lifestyle for most people, not just a way to pass the time. Try to have a relationship with a shop or a specific brand to avoid sub-standard products. If you lose your kiteboard or some parts of the kite are faulty or lose your spreader bar, you will need warranty services, which can only be offered by legitimate stores and brands. The store you go to and the kiteboarding gear brand you choose to buy from is crucial for your kite surfing lifestyle. Make sure you chose a reliable store and a reputable brand to avoid any mishaps while kiteboarding.

And there you have it! The four best kiteboarding gear Mystic has to offer. In our list, you cannot pick the “best,” especially with the two harnesses since they are all the high-quality gear from Mystic. It might not be easy to choose from both harnesses, but our review did make a list you would have had to choose from significantly shorter.