Best Lightwind Kiteboard for Kitesurfing

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Liquid Force 2018 Benchmark Kiteboard



PUEEPDEE – YDHW Summer Body Board



Boardworks Froth! | Soft Top Surfboard


Kitesurfing is one of the most exciting non-traditional sports out there. Being out on the water, most of the time at the mercy of the wind and the waves, with the spray soaking your face and body – there’s really nothing like it.

The key to a great kitesurfing experience is a great kiteboard, and if you prefer to be more nimble on the water, then you’ll want a lightwind board. However, choosing the right one is generally difficult, so we’ve put this list together to help you choose your next lightwind kiteboard. Read on for more about the best lightwind kiteboard for kitesurfing options.

Best Lightwind Kiteboard for Kitesurfing Reviews

Liquid Force 2018 Benchmark Kiteboard

This board comes in just two sizes, so choosing one shouldn’t be too difficult. It was designed for smaller kitesurfers, usually women, who want the best experience on the water they can get, whether they’re just cruising or speeding over the waves. Liquid Force is a great brand, and they’ve outdone themselves with this board.


This lightwind kiteboard features a core made from wood that is surrounded by Liquid Force’s unique “Liquid Rails”, which add some more durability to the area of the board that needs it the most. The wooden core is situated between Triax/Biax glass layers that offer some rigidity while also allowing the board to maintain flexibility.

It comes with a medium rocker line and a medium flex pattern that makes it perfect for kitesurfers that are more on the lighter side, but still powerful riders. This Liquid Force board is compatible with both boots and straps, and since there are two sizes, you can suit the board to your personal style and weight.

If you’re more of an old-school cruiser and freestyler that enjoys using your kiteboard with footstraps, then the Benchmark from Liquid Force is a great performer. Underfoot, it’s forgiving and stable and is both lightweight and perfectly balanced when you want to get some airtime and throw your board around in the air.

Even though this board was designed to be a high-performer for professional kitesurfers, it can still be an excellent first board for beginners, as it does not ride too aggressively or too fast. If you’re a big freestyler, the minimal effort needed to manipulate this board will feel pleasant to you.

The light weight of this board allows you to get some great spinning while you’re surfing, whichever way you want. And don’t worry about the landings – the impacts are completely absorbed by the board, and it’s not so flexible that you’ll go bouncing around.


  • The wooden core adds durability to the most-needed area of the board
  • A medium rocker line and flex pattern make this board great for light kitesurfers
  • This board can be used with both straps and boots
  • Landing impacts are absorbed, and there is little-to-no bouncing


  • The Benchmark may not be suited for amateur kitesurfers

PUEEPDEE - YDHW Summer Body Board

Don’t feel too ridiculous trying to pronounce that name. This is not your average kiteboard, and you probably won’t recognize it as a kiteboard when you first see it. This Summer Body Board is great for the family, rather than professional kiteboarding purposes. These boards are generally not used with a kite – instead, you’re meant to lay your body on them and ride the waves.


This is an excellent gift for a younger relative or friend of yours that enjoys being on the water but is not quite ready to fully get into kitesurfing just yet. This is more of a family-oriented board that is meant to make your times at the beach a little more fun and exciting, rather than just laying on the sand or floating along in the waves.

Sure, reading on the beach and catching some rays to tan is enjoyable, but there’s nothing compared to riding the cool waves on a hot summer’s day. This board comes in a variety of sizes: 43.3”, 48.5”, 53.8” and 59”, so family members of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the fun that is bodyboarding.

It comes with a leash, not for your dog, but for your hand, which attaches to your wrist so that you can keep your board with you at all times, even when things in the water get rough. It’s also useful for people who have never bodyboarded or kitesurfed before since the board won’t go far if and when you bail.

It is incredibly lightweight and can be carried anywhere without any problems. The board is also completely durable, and you’d be surprised as to just how much of a beating it can take before you start to see even the smallest signs of wear and tear. Plus, the shoreline isn’t very hazardous anyway, so it’s unlikely that you’ll do much damage to this board.


  • This board provides great fun for the whole family
  • It comes in a variety of sizes, so people of any heights and weights can enjoy it
  • The leash prevents the board from drifting away when you fall off
  • It’s super lightweight, so carrying it around won’t be a problem


  • This is a very light board, so it’s not suitable for more professional surfers

Boardworks Froth! | Soft Top Surfboard

Froth is quite an underrated brand, which is a shame since they produce some great-quality surfboards and kiteboards. You might be wondering why we would include a surfboard on a list of kiteboards, but they fulfill much the same purpose. As long as you’re able to stand on it comfortably, then it can be used for kitesurfing.


The Froth soft-top surfboard was created with a generous volume so that it can be as versatile and fun as possible. It has a pretty big surface area, which means you’ll have plenty of room to adjust your position to a more comfortable one while you’re out on the waves traveling at who-knows-how-many miles per hour.

It comes in three sizes: a 5’ 6” shortboard, a 5’ shortboard, and a 9’ longboard, so kitesurfers, or just regular surfers, of any shape and size can find a match that suits their height and weight. We should say that this is not just an adult-centric board – young teens and kids can also experience the thrill and joy of kiteboarding with the smaller Froth board sizes.

While the construction of this board is quite light, it is still an incredibly durable board. It is very user friendly for surfers and kiters of any experience level, from novice to pro. And don’t worry about bouncing around when you land after catching some air time – it is flexible enough to absorb all of your landings while keeping you stable.

The Froth boards begin their lives as a rigid board made of epoxy with a center made from authentic maple stringer and a hot resin coat wrapped in a premium soft HDPE outer skin. The nose and tail, which are the high-impact areas of the board, are built with a dense EVA so that you stay as safe as possible, while also adding some durability to the board.

Whether you’re looking to get started with kitesurfing or planning to hit the waves for your 1,000th surfing session, Froth has you covered.

  • Pros

    • Froth boards are designed to be as fun and versatile as possible
    • This board is suitable for kitesurfers of any skill level, from beginner to professional
    • The construction is light, but still durable, making it very user-friendly
    • Reinforced high-impact areas to keep you safe all the time


  • Some construction elements cause it to lose speed while turning

Liquid Force 2018 Echo Kiteboard

Liquid Force is one of the most popular kitesurfing board manufacturers out there, as you can probably tell, and for good reason. Their boards are extremely high-quality, and they’re continually raising their own standards to produce the best boards they can. They focus not only on creating a board that performs well but also on a board capable of handling advanced tricks and techniques.


Like the previous Liquid Force board on this list, this one comes in two sizes, so you can find one that suits your body type, weight, and height. If you want to make the most out of this board’s performance, you’ll want to ride it with full boot bindings.

This board is incredibly comfortable to ride, even when you’re doing the most advanced, complicated tricks you know, and even when you’re soaring above the water, getting some air time. When you first take this board out onto the water, it will quickly become apparent how much work Liquid Force puts into creating their boards.

Most heavy-duty kiteboards like this one are not very pleasant to ride in anything other than mostly flat water, but this board soaks up the choppiness of the waves perfectly. It fires through the kickers without any heavy impacts or any noticeable impacts at all.

If you’re trying to go as fast as possible, then you’re in luck, as this board gains speed exceptionally well, and the riding grip will undoubtedly tickle your fancy. The tips, which are swept in, allow for a perfectly smooth flowing carve when you’re trying to get it.

While this board is extremely strong in design, it does not feel too heavy under your feet while you’re in the air. When you’re landing heavy, the board will soak up most of the impact while also remaining perfectly stable.

  • Pros

    • This board comes in two sizes so that different kitesurfers can find their perfect one
    • Echo boards are very comfortable to ride, regardless of the conditions of the water
    • Soaks up bounces and bumps on the water perfectly
    • This board is capable of moving extremely quickly


  • Very lightweight board, so it’s not suited for heavier surfers and kiteboarders

MROSW Fish Tail Surfboard

If you’re looking for the perfect entry-level surfboard/kiteboard to get you started on the water, then look no further than this surfboard. It features an extremely simple design that will fulfill all of your water needs, while still being able to keep you afloat and moving while cruising over the waves. Perfect for beginners or intermediate boarders.


At first glance, you’ll notice that there is not much to see when it comes to the design of this board. It is extremely simple, and that’s because it was not made for use by the best professional kitesurfers in the world, but rather beginners who are trying their hand at kitesurfing, but don’t want to spend a small fortune on expensive, high-end boards.

The simplistic design means that it is suited to a variety of people and personal tastes, and it’s genuinely a one-size-fits-all kind of board. Whether you’re a young teen or a full-grown adult, this board will be able to support you when you need it to.

There are not many advanced design elements on this board, and it does not have many features that will help you perform more advanced techniques. You might want to stay away from doing airborne tricks while using this board, as it is not very flexible and won’t absorb your impact.

It’s also quite a small and lightweight board, weighing only 16 pounds, so if you’re on the larger side of life, then this might not be the board for you. If you’re a prospective marine sports enthusiast, then this board is a must for you.


  • This simple board is excellent for beginner kiteboarders
  • It is one of the smaller boards on this list, making it perfect for younger and lighter kiteboarders
  • It’s nowhere near as expensive as other high-end boards, making it budget-friendly
  • The simple design makes it great for kiteboarding, paddleboarding, surfing, and water skiing


  • On the smaller side, so it is not suited for taller, heavier kiteboarders

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our top five best lightwind kitesurfing boards. Hopefully, this list has made the difficult decision of choosing your next, or first, kiteboard a little easier, and has helped you make a more informed decision. Happy surfing!

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