Kite Like A Pro: Best Kitesurfing Kite

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Slingshot B3 Light Traction Kite

Slingshot B3




Slingshot Sports B2 Trainer Kite

Slingshot Sports B2




Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kitesurfing Kite

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy



You?ve finished your training hours and you?re committed to making the next step in your newfound passion for kitesurfing: purchasing the kite itself.

As you likely already know, there are a few bits and pieces of gear required for this sport and they can get expensive when you add them up, but by far the most important will be your kite.

As a beginner or someone who knows little about these contraptions, they can get confusing pretty fast.

You?ll have to consider the size and weight, number of lines, materials used, where you?ll be surfing and in what conditions to make the right choice on surf kites, so you can easily see how it gets overwhelming.

This guide was designed to take the stress out of the shopping experience and we?ve done that by compiling our top picks for the best kitesurfing kites out there to suit all riders.

These represent the best in all categories including beginner, lightweight, and overall top performers, so there?s plenty to choose from.

As well as showing you the best of the best, we?ve answered some FAQ about the sport to help you understand why choosing the right kite is so important.

With a little background knowledge, you?ll feel confident to ditch the hired kite surfing equipment and invest in your very own kitesurfing kite.

Kiteboarding kites are responsible for catching the wind and getting you up into the air, so they?re a pretty important piece of gear.

Rather than spending hours searching for one that meets your needs and has a good reputation, we?ve done the hard work for you.

These are our recommendations for the best kites in all categories and the features that make them so great.

Our Reviews Of The Best Kitesurfing Kites

Slingshot B3 Light Traction Kite


Slingshot B3 Light Traction Kite


Your very first kit should be well made, lightweight, and ideal for beginners, and that?s exactly what the Slingshot B3 Light Traction Kite brings to the table.

Measuring 3 meters in length and weighing less than 3lbs in total, this is easy to take with you wherever you?re going and the logical next step once you?ve finished your training.

According to customers, the most surprising thing about this kite was the power it was capable of achieving with minimal effort.

Starting with just 5mph winds it was able to get up in the air and then provide quite a bit of force.

For a three-meter kite it?s pretty impressive and a great place to start while you master the basics of handling these devices in the wind.

There were no instructions present in this kit so you?ll have to spend some time figuring it out.

Apart from this initial disappointment, there doesn?t appear to be any warranty cover on the kite itself so you?re purchasing at your own risk.

Although there are plenty of positive reviews and Slingshot Sports is a reputable brand, some like the guarantee that a warranty offers.

Slingshot Sports recommends between 3-9 hours of training to make this work which is adequate for beginners and also makes it the best choice for an all-rounder family kite.

You can use the kite on all kinds of terrains and not just the water, so it?s made for versatility.

Included in the kit are the trainer kite, flying line, EVA grip control bare, safety wrist attachment, bridles, and a carrying bag to keep it all together.

If you want a great all rounder kite that?s not too aggressive, the Slingshot B3 Light Traction Kite can do it all.

Priced at a very affordable range of around $240 on Amazon, for a three-meter kite, it?s got everything you could hope for and more.

Use this kite to build your understanding of the wind, improve muscle mass and memory, and just have a great time getting it up into the air and having fun.

Technical specifications

  • Number of lines: 2
  • Material: Foil
  • Size: 3 meter
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Warranty: N/A

Ocean Rodeo Flite Kitesurfing Kite

Ocean Rodeo Flite Kitesurfing Kite


If you want kiteboarding gear with a little more grunt, the Ocen Rodeo Flite might be just what you had in mind.

With options of either 8, 10, or 12 meters it?s for a more serious type of user but has everything that a great all-rounder should have.

Weighing just under 8lbs for the 8-meter kite and made with a unique blend of PEN fibers in the construction, it?s capable of around 40% less stretch than polyester.

This is an amazingly lightweight kite for kitesurfing and it?s incredibly fast compared to other similar styles.

The reviewers were amazed at how stable it was able to stay even in fast winds which is something that other 8m kites weren?t yet able to achieve, and this is thanks to the unique design.

On the downside though, this kite is pretty expensive and it comes with no other gear so you?ll have to buy that separately.

Another complaint was the strength of the materials that give it its lightweight feel, as they can sometimes be flimsy when you?re out flying it.

This is something to keep in mind if you?re trying to weigh up the lightweight kits and whether they?re really worth it.

The bridle uses a floating V design and two pulleys so you can make fast decisions with it, and get a response.

It also comes with a three-strut frame that?s able to pick up a lot of wind and it uses every square inch possible to your advantage.

Even though it?s lightweight, it?s capable of lifting quite a lot and won?t take much to get airborne.

The Ocean Rodeo Flite Kitesurfing Kite is ideal for those who can afford to spend a lot, priced at around $1,150 for the 8m version.

With only a 60 day warranty this is a pretty big investment to make, but if the reviews are anything to go by, it?s a great choice for people who want power, height, and a lightweight construction.

Technical specifications

  • Number of lines: 4
  • Material: Polyethylene naphthalate
  • Size: 8m
  • Weight: 8lbs
  • Warranty: 60 days

Slingshot Sports B2 Trainer Kite


Slingshot Sports B2 Trainer Kite


Learning how to kitesurf takes time, and you need the perfect kite while you?re building your skills.

The Slingshot Sports B2 Trainer Kite is a lightweight and easy to use kite made specifically for this purpose.

At just two meters wide it?s got enough surface to get you into the air and give you a workout, but without being too intense as you?re still in the beginning stages.

According to customers, this kite was indestructible and this is a definite bonus considering how much it cost.

Flyers were able to get it into the air in barely any wind at all with around 10mph being the minimum gust speed.

It was more powerful than they were expecting when wind did pick up, so make sure you?re prepared for the force.

Keep in mind that this is a beginner kite first and foremost, and not something for serious riders. Some reviewers found that after a few hours they were bored with it and wanted more.

So it?s really better suited to absolute newcomers or families who want everyone to get involved and being able to fly the kite.

For a serious trainer kite, you?ll be expected to spend at least a few hundred dollars more.

Also included with this kite from Slingshot Sports are the bridles, EVA grip control war, carrying bag, and spectra flying line.

As a 2 line kite, it?s a lot easier to fly which makes it perfect for practice, and you can use it as a stepping stone for all kite activities from recreational flying to kiteboarding to kitesurfing.

If you?re a newcomer to the world of kitesurfing this is the first and only kite you?ll need.

Priced very reasonably at around $130 but with no manufacturer?s warranty, the Slingshot Sports B2 Trainer Kite can help you get in the air to learn the basics of flight.

This kite will provide you with the next stepping stone to learning your new favorite hobby, and everyone in the family will find it a breeze to fly.

Technical specifications

  • Number of lines: 2
  • Material: Foil
  • Size: 2 meters
  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Warranty: N/A

Prism Synapse Parafoil Kite

Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite


If you?re eager to get into kitesurfing but really don?t have a lot of money to spend, you?ll want a budget-friendly option like the Prism Synapse.

This is a parafoil kite with 2 lines, ideal for learning the basics, but not intended to be anything too serious.

As an absolute beginner kite, it?s cheap to purchase and easy to fly, giving you everything you need to learn the fundamentals of flight.

What customers loved best about this kite was how convenient it was to take outside.

There are no frame parts so you can easily fold it up and pack it in your backpack, and it?s so small you could even store it in the car?s glove compartment.

When you?re ready to fly, it folds out for an instant set up and can be used virtually anywhere.

Don?t expect too much from this kite though because it?s a beginner model first and foremost.

It won?t allow you to do any kitesurfing but just practice how to fly the kit itself, and because it?s more budget-friendly it?s not made with the highest quality materials.

Expect to enjoy this one for only a year before you?re ready to upgrade to something more powerful.

The Prism Synapse Dual Line Parafoil Kite measures around 53? x 20? so it?s pretty small, and you get everything you need to fly included like flying lines, storage bag, and winder.

They?ve also included some helpful instructions to teach you the basics, so even if you haven?t had any flying lessons you?ll still be able to get it into the air.

Coming with a 12-month warranty and priced at around $45, you really won?t find a cheaper beginner kite with this level of quality.

To get your start with the kite basics in a way that won?t break the bank, you can get the Prism Synapse Dual Line Parafoil Kite through Amazon for a totally reasonable price and conveniently fly it anywhere you like.

Technical specifications

  • Number of lines: 2
  • Material: Foil
  • Size: 1.7 meter
  • Weight: 9.6oz
  • Warranty: 12 months

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kite


Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kitesurfing Kite


Ocean Rodeo is serious about the kites they make and if you want something lightweight and powerful to take your kitesurfing to the next level, you?ll want their Prodigy 5th Generation Kite.

Available in sizes up to 12 meters and with a maximum weight of 8lbs, it offers quite a lot in a small package and is perfect for those who want a dedicated kitesurfing kite but not a freestyle device.

The best thing about this kite was its capabilities and the amount of life it was able to achieve.

Customers found it to be completely stable even in the harshest winds and despite having so much power it was surprisingly easy to control.

Not intended to be a freestyle or beginner kite, this one is better suited to those who know what they?re doing.

This kite is costly depending on what size you choose, and you?ll only get the kite and bag included, having to pay extra for the bar and lines.

Be prepared to spend top dollar to use the Ocean Rodeo products and then spend a little more, because that?s what it costs to use this brand.

Although costly, people were thrilled with its quality and power, thanks to the three strut design.

It?s easy to re-launch, has high flow inflate and deflate valves, and is one of the best on the market for its drift capabilities, so it?s definitely one for the serious kitesurfer.

Ocean Rodeo offers only a 60-day warranty on their kite surfing gear which is a bit of a letdown, but as long as you?re taking care of it it?ll last for years.

This is by far one of the best kiteboarding kites on the market and made for the unique needs of kitesurfers, and depending on the size you want, you?ll have to be prepared to spend more.

For the best lightweight kite and one that will amaze you with its potential, you can get the Ocean Rodeo 5th Generation Prodigy on Amazon for between $950 – $1,350.

Technical specifications

  • Number of lines: N/A
  • Material: Polyethylene naphthalate
  • Size: 12 meters
  • Weight: 8lbs
  • Warranty: 60 days

Kite Surfing FAQ

Woman Kitesurfing

Learning the ins and outs of your kitesurfing and kiteboarding gear will help you choose the right style when it comes time to invest.

These are some commonly asked questions about the sport and what type of equipment is the going to suit you best, no matter your skill level or the conditions you?re flying in.

How Long Do Kiteboarding Kites Last?

An average warranty on a kiteboarding kite is usually no longer than 12 months due to the potential damage that can occur when they?re flying.

However, investing in a quality kiteboarding kite means you?ll have one for at least a few years provided you take care of it and don?t encounter any harsh conditions.

How Fast Can Kite Surfers Go?

The average speed for a kiteboard is between 15 ? 25 mph but it can vary dramatically.

This changes depending on the rider?s weight, skill level, the equipment they?re using, and the conditions they?re riding in.

What Size Kite Should I Get?

The size of the kite is measured in meters and this refers to the surface area of the sail.

Kites can range from 2 meters for beginners and higher winds, up to 18 meters for lighter winds.

Some kiters have two separate kits to meet the varying conditions, one smaller and one larger.

When Were Kites First Invented?

The first kitesurfing kites were invented in the late 1970s by two French brothers, Bruno Legaignoux and Dominique Legaignoux.

Their original design for an inflatable kite was patented in 1984 and is still used by companies today to create their own unique styles.

The Best Way to Fly

There?s nothing quite like the thrill and satisfaction of getting your kite into the air and gaining power, whether it?s your first time or 100th time doing it.

Choosing the best kitesurfing kite is the first step to learning this hobby and making sure that it always presents a fun challenge for you whenever you take it out.

Learning how to kitesurf takes time and practice, and there are plenty of great kites out there that let you do this.

As your skills progress, you can upgrade your kite to suit and continue to give yourself a new challenge every time.

You?ll be amazed at just how much strength and power these amazing devices are actually capable of, provided you choose one that?s well made and suited to your skills.

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