The Best Windsurf Paddle Board: Your 101 Guide

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The idea of windsurfing is likely to remind you right away of the coasts. The terrific waves, cool wind, great parties on the beach, and buddies are hanging tight for you to return after your sailing. 

Fascinating, right? Until you attempt to stand up on the board without help from anyone else… Amid the ocean… And the wave draws near. Oh well, you fall, which you want the least – we know.

We do not imply that fall debilitates you. Our point is, you can rely on a board with the ability to assist you with figuring out the best and fastest way of jumping on the feet. 

The best windsurf paddle board! It is! It is worth noting that you are already standing at the point when you are windsurfing using this type of board.

Discovering your most suitable one could be difficult, however. Do not worry! We are here to help you with that. 

Windsurf paddle board: How amazing it is?

The best stand up paddle board (also referred to as wind stand-up-paddling or windSUP board) is among the most impressive introductions to the water sports realm. As a combination of stand up paddle boards & typical windsurf boards, it offers two different advantages simultaneously. 

Paddles boards and windsurfs on tropical beach. Avtivity sports on caribbean shore
Paddles boards and windsurfs on tropical beach. Avtivity sports on caribbean shore

1. Portability

The benefits are self-evident. With these boards, all the gear finds a way into your knapsack – not to mention that you can stow it effectively in a small vehicle’s trunk. While that is likewise conceivable with typical windsurfing, just a scrap press works. 

As you may know, the material needed for windsurfing is more considerable when compared to other sportsmen such as football players and runners. Barely any other game asks for the space of a carport to put away the gear; let alone, all of them must get first moved to your vehicle from home and afterwards to the windsurfing place from the parking spot.

The best windsurf paddle board appear to be the answer to such issues. You can set them up and take them apart in a short time. What’s more, for transport, a sizable knapsack is sufficient, which may be already in the box. It can occupy your sail, mast, boom, & the folded board. 

2. User-friendliness

For starter windsurfers, these boards are an incredible way of becoming involved in windsurfing. On another side, this equipment may bring about great enthusiasm and eagerness when it comes to advanced sailboard riders. That is because windSUP boards provide the best of both worlds (i.e., as a windsurfing board & as a stand up paddling board, they are legit hands-on. 

The bottom line: This sort of board is lightweight, simple to move, and glide incredibly across the water. It is an excellent option for riders who wish to go windsurfing when it is windy as well as join their friends in paddling a couple of laps on days without wind. 

Your best windsurf paddle board choices

In the following ultimate rundown, we have presented a few of the best picks. Straightforwardly after that, we will delve into the comprehensive guide on what is significant for a windSUP board and the related frequently asked questions.

Without any further ado, let’s get right to it.

1. SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – by SereneLife

SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This model comes with a ton of highlights and attributes. They are particularly fantastic for people who have quite recently begun to become keen on water sports and any individual who has liked surfing & paddle boarding.

Produced using first-class Polyvinyl Chloride (aka PVC) materials, the SereneLiffe can bear the waters’ unpleasantness as well as endure bumps against different types of hindrances – for example, rocks. In addition, it will give you enough balance, stability, & comfort to enjoy a steady & seamless journey across the waters. 

That is not all; thanks to the quality construction, the product unit is extremely tough. It is safe to say that this SUP board are on par with the most popular inflatable stand up paddle boards out there these days. Incredibly solid & pretty stable, especially for youngsters and novices. 

Also, three fins are available, allowing the item to provide the windsurfers with remarkable traction and desirable speed when it glides over the water. You will appreciate a steady ride owing to the non-slip top deck as well.

You may like that carrying this best stand up paddle board whose weight is light at about 19.5 lbs is easy. Only one person can easily carry it. And this SUP is not hard to paddle as well. 

Assembling the model is extremely simple. It features a top-notch pump that serves to blow up the board effortlessly. 

After its use, you have the choice to deflate the board in a breeze. Again, moving it about is far from difficult as you can get it together advantageously into the rucksack. 

The model is generally genuinely straightforward to utilize, to the point that you will barely realize that these boards are inflatable ones. It is fantastic for the individuals often trekking for windsurfing activities. This windSUP is also the awesome one for your budget in light of the fact that it incorporates all you require. They are a storage knapsack, handle, air hose, air pump, glider, leash, repair kit, paddles that you have the option to adjust, & of course, the stand up paddle board. 

2. Goplus Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Surfboard – by Goplus 

Goplus Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Surfboard
Goplus Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Surfboard

This best windsurf paddle board is superior-grade & sturdy. It indeed boasts the great EVA & drop-stitch design, enabling the item to take up a ton of pressure and not deform or something simultaneously. 

What’s more, because the EVA’s friction is decent, you will stay away from sliding. Expect it to be solid and safe for use forever and a day, accordingly. 

It is also worth mentioning that the model’s paddle is extendable; hence, adjusting the length to 210.82 centimeters (83 inches) from 170.18 centimeters (67 inches) as you wish is not a big deal. Three tail fins are accessible on the paddle’s back as well, one of which is removable and two are fixed. The fins work to boost the balance & friction, which thus increases safety during use. 

Plus, you may appreciate whole pieces of equipment included. Aside from the carry bag intended for easy transport, the Goplus Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Surfboard comes with the repair kit, manual pump, fin, & extendable paddle. Thanks to these types of gear readily in the package, you can rapidly and effectively blow up & play it as well as fix it fast without help from anyone else. 

In general, everything is holding together pretty pleasantly following a long time of utilization. Killer deal!

3. Z-Ray Windsurfing Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Set – by Z-Ray

Z-Ray Windsurfing Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Set
Z-Ray Windsurfing Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Set

The best stand up paddle board product unit from Z-Ray is a complete bundle that boasts a windsurfing rig, carry bag, pump, and for sure, the board. Its board is a relatively conventional inflatable SUP board whose design is a PVC drop-stitch one. There includes a mast mount & a practical removable center fin for use while cruising. 

What is cool is, the model’s windsurfing rig comes with a user-friendly snap together rig. It utilizes one pole for the boom with attachable hand straps instead of the familiar wishbone boom used by many windsurfing rigs. You may like that the rig functions admirably for light air sailing around. 

Do note that no provision is accessible to attach your harness lines for cruising in higher winds. Its rig is for light wind sailing only or heavy wind until you feel as if your arms will fall off.

Overall, the Z-Ray Windsurfing Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Set is a complete bundle with sail & paddle. Its performance is satisfying, especially in light wind sailing, and setting up the sailing rig is easy. 

What to consider when you buy your best windsurf paddle board

Please note that not all stand up board is reasonable for windSUP. Likewise, key factors – say, your windsurfing abilities and the sort of board have to do with your final choice of a specific product unit. In the guide right below, we are, along these lines, checking out the elements that you should think about before settling on your decision. 


The choice for a specific board generally relies upon how experienced you are in this water sport. 

1. Novice windsurfers

Skilled teenager riding surfboard and balancing a long wavy sea
Skilled teenager riding surfboard and balancing a long wavy sea

Talking about windSUP novices or windsurf newbies with no or almost no involvement in windsurfing, complete sets should fit the bill. They tend to come with an appropriate sail apart from the board. 

For novices, the benefit is self-evident. You will not need to handle the material as regards every aspect, in light of the fact that the maker has effectively adjusted your rig to your board. Furthermore, the prices for those rig & board sets are – most of the time, lower compared to the costs for individual buys. 

2. Veterans

What if you, as of now, have a great deal of windsurfing experience? We suggest picking a sail with the 5.5-m2 size or above. That should enable manoeuvres even when the wind is light out there. However, when it comes to higher speeds, you may want to select narrow & elongated boards.

A wide design’s stability is hardly doubtful – for your information, yet it moves more slowly while cruising. Because the directional stability of relatively long boards whose nose is tapered is more fantastic and they can in this manner ride more quickly, they are likely the better fit

What is more? It is recommendable for experienced windsurfers to set up their own windsurfing gear. As you may notice, numerous boards which are likewise right for the veterans are not accessible in complete sets. 

Speaking of the main thing when setting up a board, it is advisable to change the sail in accordance with the board’s size. More often than not, the longer your best stand up paddle board is, the bigger your sail should be. Thanks to a proper sail, you can do tacking & jibing reasonably.

Riding attributes

1. Width & length

The length plays a significant role in your stand up paddle board’s riding qualities. The general rule of thumb is: the narrower & longer your board is, the more impressive the straight line is. 

In comparison with SUP ones, surfboards tend to be thinner, narrower, & shorter. For the most part, a windSUP board’s dimensions are 320 x 80 x 15 centimeters (125.984 x 31.4961 x 5.90551 inches). Meanwhile, regarding windsurfing ones for newbies, 220 x 55 x 7 centimeters (86.6142 x 21.6535 x 2.75591 inches) are the appropriate measurements. 

Please bear in mind that the stand up paddle boards’ length may restrict their manoeuvrability. But then again, their size implies that even windSUP starters can stand on the board without much of a stretch. As opposed to common windsurfing, inflatable wind stand up paddle models will not need a water start, which is an interesting point to know.

2. Thickness

As you may realize, the greater part of the best windsurf paddle board product units’ thickness is fifteen centimeters (5.90551 inches). In other words, compared to typical boards for windsurfing, they are around twice as thick. While a few makers previously introduced boards at just about 12.5 centimeters (five inches) thick, the thickness of most windSUP models is fifteen centimetters. 

For your information, when it comes to experiments with five-inch thick product units, some argue that the thinner ones would adapt more seamlessly to the wind & move recognizably less in sideways winds. 

Notwithstanding, the more remarkable directional stability when it is windy outside is additionally attained by more fantastic fins or particularly by more impressive tear-off edges. These more current boards tend to get into the glide more quickly, thus allowing better directional stability. It is worth mentioning: a thicker board whose volume is correspondingly high helps with that since it is higher in the water at any rate and hence simpler to move smoothly. 

3. Fin

Practically speaking, stand up paddle fins of which shape is sword one are especially appropriate. That shape should make your best stand up paddle board remarkably polished as well as guarantee a protected straight-line ride. 

Typically there are two fins in the box. Else, a more extended daggerboard can take the place of the central fin.

Please keep in mind that which fins you utilize relies upon the kind of utilization. For example, you would need two fins in case you use the windSUP for surfing. Whereas, in case you just desire to do some board paddling, the central fin is not necessary.

Some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

the man athlete rides the windsurf over the waves on the lake

1. How quickly would I be able to go with a wind stand up paddle board? 

Rather than being intended for phenomenal speeds, these boards are mainly focused on starters. 

Often, the sail you get in the package is likewise not as large as the ones of other windsurfing wave riders. Yet, be that as it may, utilizing a bigger sail will indeed enable you to speed up. You can particularly get incredible speeds using the pretty long touring windSUPs.

2. Who is the target user of the best windsurf paddle board?

They are basically pointed toward novice windsurfers. The typical windsurfing board and the stand up paddle board smoothly combined are additionally incredible for youngsters and the entire family. As you can see, the way that you can leverage this gear without the sail is particularly fantastic. 

Individuals with specific involvement in windsurfing yet have not purchased windsurfing gear previously may also find these boards interesting. 

3. What amount of wind do I need to windsurf by using my best stand up paddle board?

A light board can begin to slip when wind paces have six knots or seven, and the 1st moves are conceivable at more than eight knots. Also, please note that the necessary wind power has to do with your sail size. For instance, on days when the wind is week, it will be best to count on a large sail. 

4. Can I enter a stand up paddle leash when windsurfing?

Yea, you can wear the leash. It is attachable to the board & the ankle. We recommend utilizing a coiled leash that becomes rolled up in its elemental state & just extend to their entire length of around 300 centimeters if the windsurfer falls into the water. 

Speaking of the leashes’ benefit, not similar to simple laces, they will not become caught on hindrances such as submerged rocks. As you might know, such lines utilized all the more regularly before had prompted frightful falls. 

All in all

how to windsurf

It is safe to say that the best windsurf paddle board product units have tremendous potential and likely become even more popular. The upsides of the simple & easy storage and the amazingly straightforward transport justify why they are that worthy. 

We additionally anticipate that these boards will be a more attractive choice for new individuals. It is not simple to get into windsurfing, considering the necessary knowledge & initial investment. However, thanks to the windSUP boards, you can get rid of the concerns. In comparison with classic windsurf board sets, even the top-notch wind stand up paddle ones are relatively well-priced and are great value, mainly as a result of the double use as a typical SUP and the one for windsurfing. 

While it stays not yet clear which models will win, the product units mentioned above should allow you to enjoy your ride to the fullest.