Top 19 Best Surfboard Fins That Are Much in Demand for Good Reasons

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With an amazing range of surfboards available today that can change your surfing performance, a lot of you may think, “what are my best surfboards?” But perhaps not many wonders, ” what should be my best surfboard fins?”

The thing is, it is, beyond doubt, a question you need to ask. Different fins affect how you surf differently.

They are intended to provide you with more stability and control. They assist you with adjusting directions more smoothly by enabling you to more balance when you shift your weight from side to side. They boost the success rate of the tricks that pro surf riders do.

In other words, surfboard fins make a whole world of difference. And to enjoy such a positive difference, you need to choose the most suitable one that will you keep you surfing the waves in a flashy and skillful way and of course, having a blast.

With those factors and objectives in mind, below is the ultimate, curated list for the top picks in the market these days.

Your best surfboard fins

1. AQUBONA Dual Tab II Medium Performer/Reactor Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Surfboard Fins – by AQUBONA

AQUBONA Dual Tab Surfboard Fins
AQUBONA Dual Tab Surfboard Fins

As the name implies, this model features every one of the conveniences you expect from an FCS (or Fin Control System). Coming from Australia, the system has legit become in high favor on account of its convenience. By leveraging thí FCS, particularly FCS II, you needn’t bother with any screws for the setting up process. The tech will let you snap fins in a proper spot. 

When it comes to set-up, the product unit has a tri-fin style, otherwise called a thruster. It is the most favorably used configuration and you can find it on just about any board of all sizes and shapes. As such, you will not encounter a compatibility issue here.

Besides, the tri-fin arrangement will improve stability and control. This attribute is a bonus for any beginner or pro surf rider.

What is more? These fins’ base section is around 100 meters. Most surfers think of it as moderate. In case a more management steer is what you are inclined, the length this model provides is on point. Further, the dimensions enable water to propel fast yet not rapidly enough to ride speedily. Generally speaking, the AQUBONA is most fantastic for people who have quite recently found surfing or viewing themselves as a newbie.

2. Future Fins Jordy Thruster Set – by Future Fins

Future Fins Jordy Thruster Set
Future Fins Jordy Thruster Set

These best surfboard fins are intended for versatility, power, and speed. As a bonus, its style is extra aesthetic.

While steering around sharp turns, you will boost force and speed with ease thanks to the Jordy signature template. This stands to reason since Jordy Smith (the championship tour surfer) can, beyond doubt, drive strongly at the turns’ bottom. The narrow tip and wide base are useful for rapid generation of speed.

When it comes to how this unit performs, the most noteworthy thing is the flat foil construction to assist with controlling the wind speed in the larger waves.

But that is not all. Made from a super-duper light honeycomb material, the fins offer a balanced flex pattern, particularly fantastic when there comes a narrow tip.

More often than not, professional-level surfers leverage this kind of design to turn under insane force. This model has a large size and is brilliant for people whose builds are bigger.

3. Ho Stevie! Thruster Surfboard Fins – by Ho Stevie

Ho Stevie! Thruster Surfboard Fins
Ho Stevie! Thruster Surfboard Fins

You may notice that the G5 medium template is in the vein of the Jordy Honeycomb in lots of respects. The key dissimilarity is, this Ho Stevie’s sweep value is pretty low at 33 degrees. And its tip is less pronounced.

Further, it is legit incredible for versatile performance. The build is loose enough to enable you to turn and move. At the same time, it is adequately stiff with the goal that you manage to drive into barrels.

The board’s performance likewise improves thanks to the Honeycomb Fiberglass construction. Understandably, this design gives the most desirable amount of flex.

Basically, in case you are searching for decent fins practically on a par with pro ones at a great price, you cannot go wrong with this Ho Stevie.

4. Ho Stevie! Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Surfboard Fins – by Ho Stevie

Ho Stevie! Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Surfboard Fins
Ho Stevie! Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Surfboard Fins

Your great surf day may become ruined due to a broken fin. For those prioritizing durability, the model is among the best surfboard fins in that regard. Constructed out of fiberglass reinforced polymer, the item is flexible compared to the average plastic fin.

Better yet, in case the fins break, the firm is willing to take the place of them. This model’s shape is additionally thin, letting you have reduced drag when surfing. Its cost is favorable as well.

Still, on the other hand, the unit is not an awesome choice for riding the largest waves. Moreover, it fails to provide as much explosive speed while the surfer is pumping.

5. SBS 10″ Surf & SUP Fin – by Santa Barbara Surfing 

SBS 10" Surf & SUP Fin
SBS 10″ Surf & SUP Fin

This Santa Barbara Surfing works to provide you with your desirable control. Its resulted stability is extraordinary for flatwater paddling, noseriding, and turns. Likewise, the model is flexible in giving the option to attach to different types of boards – be it SUP (standup paddleboards, longboards, or surfboards).

The best part is that installing it is not difficult. The company includes the ‘no tool’ fin screw and plate set without cost. That is why you do not have to find and use any tool to attach the SBS fin to the board.

What is more? A cover is available to make this fin stay protected every time you are not using it. Also, for those leveraging the model for paddleboarding, the good news is, you will paddle on many times on a side without going all around – in a breeze.

Yet, please bear in mind that this product unit does not work with inflatable SUP like the Aqua Marine SPK-2

6. BPS Center Fin – by BPS

BPS Center Fin
BPS Center Fin

Are you one of the longboard surfers and looking for the most suitable, best surfboard fins for your board? Then, you may appreciate using this model. It is among the simplest ones to set up and move out from the longboard. Similar to the Santa Barbara Surfing model mentioned above, it boasts the inclusion of ‘no tool’ fin screws. There is a wax brush as well.

The product unit can fit fin boxes in Universal and US styles. Right after having it on your board, you can go for waves and nosedive without any problem. This BPS Center Fin functions admirably for various waves, whether they are over-head or knee-high ones. Thanks to its fiberglass nylon construction, the model appears beautiful all the while aside from making the board perform satisfactorily.

But do note that the product may bend. In case it gets bent when facing the sun, it might remain bent.

7. Surf Squared Futures Large Thruster Fins – by Surf Squared

Surf Squared Futures Large Thruster Fins
Surf Squared Futures Large Thruster Fins

Are you a world-class surfer? Are you seeking fins which allow you to surf waves in a legit skillful, flashy, flamboyant way? This product unit should be your right one. Its lightweight honeycomb build maximizes speed and performance.

Notably, it is the comparable build professional surfers tend to leverage. The model works with whatever board as long as it comes with Futures fin boxes. What is more? This fin’s ability to deal with almost all conditions.

How about disadvantages? These Surf Squared fins do not have many drawbacks. Some are not sure whether other ones are quicker, yet you can get a ton of speed with this model.

8. Prosea Flashion Dark Carbon Banboo Surfboard Fins – by Prosea

Prosea Flashion Dark Carbon Banboo Surfboard Fins
Prosea Flashion Dark Carbon Banboo Surfboard Fins

Now on to more casual surfers! In case you are one of them, you needn’t bother with much for your fin to fulfill you. Given that it is among the best surfboard fins for your needs and wants (i.e., it has the look, fits, provides you with a certain control), opt for it. As a bonus, this Prosea has an assortment of templates, sizes, and colors.

This exceptional-looking model is constructed out of bamboo, carbon, and fiberglass. Apart from appearing great, it works incredibly in lots of conditions, for example, point breaks and beach breaks.

With these fins, you will get fantastic power on the bottom turns without difficulty. At the same time, snap off the top.

The package includes six screws and one key. And the best part is, the model is compatible with any kind of board and not hard to set up.

But be that as it may, compared to the Futures and some other units, the Prosea Surfboard Fins are not as lightweight. In other words, the drive is not that much and your turns might not be comparably tight all the time.

9. BPS Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Surfboard Fins – by BPS

BPS Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Surfboard Fins
BPS Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Surfboard Fins

These flexible side fins are usable on any funboard, shortboard, surfboard, and longboard which leverage FCS style fins. Their price is favorable as well. Above all, it provides you with stability, control, drive, and power. Incredible qualities to have for an amazing surfing experience.

For your information, the BPS Surfboard Fins feature an all-encompassing wax comb, bottle opener, as well as hex key. The fiberglass reinforced nylon build is hardly doubtful.

Still and all, the model is thin in comparison with FCS fins. And its edges are sharp; that is why make certain to sand them.

10.  Naked Viking Surf Medium JL Thruster Surfboard Fins – by Naked Viking Surf

naked Viking Surf Medium JL Thruster Surfboard Fins
Naked Viking Surf Medium JL Thruster Surfboard Fins

By any chance, do you know what it means by a fin researched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (aka NASA)? That implies it is providing you with great speed. One of the best surfboard fins, this Naked Viking Surf leverages foils in reference to NASA-conducted fluid dynamic research.

In view of this, the product unit offers enhanced speed when you are performing turns. There comes a faster burst that gets out of the bottom turns and goes down the line. Plus, thanks to the honeycomb core, the fin is lighter compared to many other ones.

One thing to note, the item is sharp. Some surfers get cut as a consequence previously.

11. Futures Fins – AM2 HC Thruster – by Futures

Futures Fins
Futures Fins

The product unit was constructed in cooperation with Al Merrick known as one of the top surfboard shapers and Channel Islands Surfboards‘ founder and owner. This fin is a sizable, balanced one coming with a neutral flex pattern. It is worth mentioning that it is a fantastic, versatile fin for bigger surf riders.

The model is intended to act in an assortment of wave kinds and features a less sizable center fin for boosted flexibility. Its medium tip and large base will likewise provide you with a remarkable drive across the bottom turn. At the same time, you will not have to give up on release at the lip.

Again, in case you are among large surfers who are searching for all-around performance fins, you cannot go wrong with this AM2 HC Thruster Futures Fins.

12. FCS II Kolohe Andino Thruster Tri Fin Set – by FCS

FCS II Kolohe Andino Thruster Tri Fin Set
FCS II Kolohe Andino Thruster Tri Fin Set

These best surfboard fins offer a smooth combination of tail release, flexibility, and drive. They are intended for surfing with the best style on world tours and superior performance. In other words, there will be incredible turns and impressive airs. Not aimed at average conditions of waves.

It is worth addressing that this FCS is legit outstanding in overhead, critical waves. Also, it is intended to suit the FCS II fin system without tools. The model performs admirably in high-performance shortboards with rockers that range from moderate to extreme levels. In case you are in the market for fins to further improve your shortboard, it should be your best bet.

13. FCS 2 Performer Performance Core Tri Fin Set – by FCS

FCS 2 Performer Performance Core Tri Fin Set
FCS 2 Performer Performance Core Tri Fin Set

The model is a versatile fin set, suitable for an assortment of board shapes and wave kinds. In case you are not in the know, it is among the first fins released in the tool-less FCS II fin innovation. And all things considered, they are maybe FCS’s most all-around fin set.

This FCS provides a balance of flexibility and speed via its honeycomb design that lessens drag gives moderate flex. Considering their quality, you can find their high price is justifiable.

Overall, for those seeking versatile fins to use in various boards and conditions, the product unit will be way better than expected.

14. Ho Stevie! Quad Surfboard Fins – by Ho Stevie

The best surfboard fins from Ho Stevie have been intended to be compatible with most surfboards. In particular, the ones that leverage FCS types. Truth be told, it does not make any difference whether your board is a short one, long, or funboard.

That means you have the flexibility. Better yet, the flexibility amount is impeccable as the Ho Stevie! Quad Surfboard Fins are constructed out of Honeycomb.

We are pretty sure that you will be fond of this product unit since it enables you to play out a wide range of activities – say launching aerials. Likewise, the Ho Stevie helps with ripping turns.

While its price is reasonable, the performance is superior. It is quick, less heavy, and responsive surfers. As another plus, the brand offers a one-year product warranty and a charged replacement in case your fins break.

15. BPS Tri-Fin Set Surfboard Fins – BPS

BPS Tri-Fin Set Surfboard Fins
BPS Tri-Fin Set Surfboard Fins

This BPS is popular as a phenomenal choice for surf riders who are seeking lightweight performance fins. Aside from being superior to the conventional plastic fins, the model has improved flexibility.

The brand has made these BPS Tri-Fin Set Surfboard Fins to be durable. Better yet, a one-year product warranty is accessible. It enables you to get a 100% refund or take the place of the fins. Plus, you can pick your favorable size and color.

16. Own the Wave Fiberglass Reinforced Surfboard Fins – by Own the Wave

Own the Wave Fiberglass Reinforced Surfboard Fins
Own the Wave Fiberglass Reinforced Surfboard Fins

These are other best surfboard fins that every surfer should pay special mind to. The Own the Wave comes in a full pack (of three fins). That means you do not have to get them separately, saving lots of your time and, above all, money.

The product unit is broadly famous for its excellent performance. Own the Wave makes it, so you can have confidence in its impressive quality.

What is more? Are you fond of colors? The good news is, these surfboard fins have two choices: arctic white and midnight black.

What is also notable is, the model can work on any board   (funboard, longboard, or shortboard) given that your board leverages FCS style fins.

As you hear, the brand consistently focuses on the surf riders’ demands. This is the reason the set has the right, left, and center fins. You can generally buy it in a water gear shop or online stores at a reasonable price.

In general, assuming you are a dynamic surf rider, what is it you are sitting tight for? Opt for the Own the Wave surfboard fins set. It will make certain you drive hard through all your favorite turns.

17. Goosehill 9″ SUP Fin – by Goosehill

Goosehill 9" SUP Fin
Goosehill 9″ SUP Fin

This surf item addresses protection and excellence.

Setting it up is super-duper simple, with a press of the fin’s base followed by pushing the clip to lock it.

How to move it out? Easy! Just do the inverse. If you feel sort of stuck, that implies you place the surfboard fin topsy turvy!

What is more? This Goosehill attaches well and performs excellently to make the blade stay above water.

Additionally, the model’s build is smooth and genuinely provides a huge lift to board performance. It is likewise pretty solid and possibly near lawlessness!

It is worth mentioning that the product unit makes the most of SCE material that boasts strength increasing innovation leveraged. Also, thanks to the Nylon body, you get the solidness you need, without giving up on any flexibility.

Something more that you may appreciate about this fin is its warranty policy. In case you experience any issues when using the mode, go ahead and contact the company’s customer support. What if your concern is not settled within half of the day? The brand will get prepared to make a full refund! 

One thing to note is, this good has none of the printed installation wizards.

18. Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Soft Top Surfboard Fin Set of 3 – by Santa Barbara Surfing

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Soft Top Surfboard Fin Set of 3
Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Soft Top Surfboard Fin Set of 3

This model would make the extraordinary, best surfboard fins.

While hard plastic is not the exact material used to make it, the SBS boasts soft rubber and hard plastic consistency. On the one hand, the accessory’s material is not mentioned. But on the other hand, the construction quality will not let you down. For those leaning toward incredible flex, it may be leveraged securely and ready to give a few drives.

Something else that is worth focusing on is the screws. As big as they seem compared to other screws, their quality is way better. We are likewise sure about their sturdiness and lower probability of getting stretched.

This Santa Barbara Surfing is a set of three, which the triple setup lovers may appreciate. It additionally claims an all-inclusive fit, making it reasonable for different speed boards.

Though we have not got the opportunity to legit give it a shot ourselves, many surf riders have shared that the product unit is ideal for wakeboard, Greco, and BZ soft boards. Yet, please bear in mind that it is not a great choice for younger surfers, regardless of being trusted by a multitude of globals pros.

Moreover, the model’s refund policy is fantastic. A buy implies you will enjoy a one-year warranty. In case anything occurs during that period, reach out to their customer service and you will receive a replacement model faster than you may expect.

Still, we figured this would infrequently occur as the brand is among the most reliable names out there and has been around for two centuries.

19. UPSURF Surf Fins – by UPSURF

UPSURF Surf Fins
UPSURF Surf Fins

Turn the entirety of your wave surfing sessions into an A-list experience with these best surfboard fins! At a reasonable price, the product unit gives significant improvements in control, balance, and drive.

Moreover, quality fiberglass material covers it. That is why toughness and solidness are excellent. It will not be hard to chop any kahunas, make speedy turns, and play out every one of the tricks.

The brand itself is not a trivial name in the industry. It boasts over a century of involvement in manufacturing surf items for elite and pro surfers. UPSURF’s product construction is adequately solid to take up even the biggest wave. Understandably, the company has teamed up with various pros in extreme sports, to guarantee their models are genuinely durable in a wide range of setups and conditions.

What is more? The UPSURF Surf Fins’ compatibility is high. Their well-known shape enables them to work on any board leveraging the trusted FCS2 style fin box.

Two things to note are, we are not sure if the model is fantastic for a wakeboard or paddle one. Refund and warranty policies are something in question as well. That is why before you make your buy, reaching their customer support for more information is recommendable.

How to attach your surfboard fins?

Based on your kind of fin, the process varies. In any case, how about we go over the best way of setting up two of the most widely-used fins. The FCS and Futures ones.

1. FCS fins

When it comes to FCS fins, your board needs to have two holes which make it possible for the fin to slide in. Done with sliding your fin in? Then, take the fin key and fasten the screws. Make certain you do not fasten them excessively so that you will not strip the threads.

It is necessary for the fin’s rake to point to the tail. And the curved side needs pointing to the board’s outside. As for the flat side, it should get pointed to the board’s inside.

2. Futures

These fins’ back feature a groove cut out. In case you have no idea the back is on what side, let us give you a tip. It is in the direction that the fin’s highest point curves back. Surfboards that work with this type of fin will come with a long box.

To attach the fins, you place their back part in the box’s middle. Follow with sliding it back until it becomes slotted in. After that, push the fin’s front down. 

To fasten the bolt, use the screwdriver or fin key. Yet, avoid tightening it to an extreme, preventing any plug breakage. This video helps guide you to attach fins to a board the best way. You may want to refer to it.

Some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your best surfboard fins

install a surfboard fin

1. Can I surf with no fins?

Yes, you can. Still, it is far more troublesome.

Just the pro riders can truly deal with surfing with no fins. In case you are an intermediate rider or a novice, surfboard fins are necessary to assist you with getting speed and making turns. Yet, be that as it may, even most professional surfers use fins and decide to just take them off their board in specific conditions.

2. Are fins included in my surfboard purchase? 

Boards do not commonly have fins. You need to get them separately and attach them to the surfboard you use. 

3. Can I measure flex in single fins?        

Yessir! When looking at longboard fins, you can separate them into four distinct classes: D Fins, Pivot Fins, Rake ones, and Flex ones.

As its name suggests, Flex fin boasts the most flex among the fins addressed and works extraordinary with practically any board. The base is generally far wider compared to most fins tapering into a narrow tip. Flex fins are incredible for propelling you as you come out of turns.

In comparison with Flex fins, the Rake one has somewhat less flex. But on the other hand, its base is quite wide. The tip is far wider compared to the Flex. That is why you will get certain flex and still gain somewhat more maneuverability and control.

How about a Pivot fin? It is basically the standard for nose surfers. Are you looking for fins whose base is wide and features include a vertical outline? If so, you cannot go wrong with Pivot ones.

They work to make your stay cool in the water and hold your board’s tail deeper in the waves. Ultimately, you will be able to leave to the front while keeping up with balance and control. Please keep in mind that compared to Flex or Rake ones, Pivot finds are somewhat more difficult to turn in a tight radius, though they could well be.

As for D fins, they are presumably the most un-flexible with regards to surfing. D fins are their name since they to some degree take after the letter ‘D’. You can find these ones with either curved forward or vertical edges.

They tend to be suitable for traditional surfers riding greater logs. A D fin is far more challenging to turn as well as ride the nose on. However, it is incredible for people who desire to shoot straight the line.

4. What to do if I want to get more speed on my surfboard?

Assuming you desire more speed, we do suggest using quads instead of thrusters.

While thrusters are marvelous in lots of ways, the back fin may be the culprit behind a touch of drag. In case you wish to totally dispose of the drag, moving the fin out is necessary.

Meanwhile, quads make the backspace stay open, which enables the water to channel through more impressively compared to other sets.

Besides, remember to clean your surfboard’s underside. Now and then, the fins are not what you should concern, and the issue lies in grime, wax, sand, and whatnot that accumulate on the board. Help yourself out and clean it following each ride. It is alright to either use some cleaner or a comb to sweep your board.

5. Other than longboards, what types of boards reap the benefits from larger fins?

Is your board’s tail wider? Then, you will need to buy larger fins to coordinate with it. In case you are a shortboard surfer yet continually challenging yourself with big waves, you will no doubt need to get a larger fin also. 

6. What fin system should I depend on when two small circular holes are my fin box?

It seems like your fin system is the original FCS one. All things considered, you can just leverage original FCS fins. 

7. When I intend to swap my fins, how would I take them out?

First off, unscrew any fin screws. Follow with applying pressure from the back for the Futures fin and up as well as to for FCS2. Avoid pushing excessively hard; otherwise, you likely hurt your surfboard. 

All in all

Close up of surfboard's fins at sunset

So, which should be your best surfboard fins? Everything comes down to your genuine demands.

Do you need more snappiness in your turns? Then, you may want to consider the Naked Viking Surf Medium JL Thruster Surfboard Fins, for instance. If you are searching for a good deal, think about getting Ho Stevie! Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Surfboard Fins.  For the most sturdiness and best drive, the Surf Fins from UPSURF  should be one of your best bets.

Whichever you pick, as soon as you get good, suitable fins, you can shred the waves swiftly. Again, selecting a decent fin is as significant as selecting decent boards.