Tarifa – Spain is a place that attracts a lot of windsurfing lovers

The Best Windsurfing Spots Around the World

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If you are looking for the best windsurfing spots in the world, check out this article immediately. By analyzing the specifics, windsurfing conditions, local culture, nightlife and the ideal seasons, you will find the right place to windsurf.

Vasiliki – Greece

Vasiliki is located in the western and is voted as one of the best windsurfing spots in Greece. The beautiful town, known as a fishing port on Lefkada’s island, is also home to a large bay bordered by the flat, rocky and partly sandy Vasiliki Beach.

best windsurfing spots vasiliki
The waters of Vasiliki – Greece have excellent windsurfing conditions for people of all levels

During the summer, winds in this area of the sea blow from the south in the morning and from the west in the afternoon. Afternoon winds rise from 18 to 30 knots, usually around 3 o’clock.

This creates excellent flat water windsurfing conditions. Locals call the hot afternoon wind there “Eric”. It is common to find hundreds of windsurfers on the bay during the day. Here you can hone your skills as a beginner or enjoy excellent freestyle riding conditions.

This would be an excellent place for a family vacation because of Vasiliki’s calm waters, pleasant beaches, and relatively safe waters. Young children can play on the beach while adults windsurfing can surf the waves individually. On the shore, you can enjoy local Greek food and drink from the many restaurants and cafes along the bay.

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Lake Garda – Italy

Lake Garda belongs between the administrative regions of Lombardy and Veneto, in the north of Italy. This lake is 51 km long and 16 km wide, making it the country’s largest lake.

It is the best windsurfing condition from April to October.

Lake Garda - Italy also owns cultural and scenic sites
Besides the attractive beauty of the beach, Lake Garda – Italy also owns cultural and scenic sites

The morning wind north of Lake Garda (known as the “Vent” or “Peler”) blows from the north at about 4 to 5 on the Beaufort scale, while the afternoon wind (called the “Ora”) blows from the south and calms down as night falls.

The conditions make for flat to bumpy conditions, making freestyle windsurfing, freestyle riding, and slalom fun.

Lake Garda has many cultural, natural and historical monuments in the surrounding area. Churches, castles, palaces, and archaeological sites offer a unique glimpse into northern Italy’s history. This place will be suitable for family members and those who don’t like windsurfing. Families with younger and older children will enjoy Lake Garda’s cultural and scenic sites.

Tarifa – Spain

In Spain, Tarifa is located at the southernmost tip of the Iberian peninsula, a municipality in Cadiz, a district of the Andalusian administrative region. Tarifa’s beach is on the country’s “Coast of Lights”, the Costa de la Luz.

Tarifa is located at the Mediterranean Sea’s gateway and right across Gibraltar’s Strait. Therefore, this place welcomes two central winds: Levante (blows in from the east) and Poniente (blows from the northwest). The best months for windsurfing are from June to October, when Levante is most stable.

Tarifa – Spain windsurfing lovers
Tarifa – Spain is a place that attracts a lot of windsurfing lovers

These winds can blow in strongly, anywhere from 4 to 8 on the Beaufort scale. This is a good time for intermediate or advanced windsurfers. This beach is flat the rest of the year, providing favorable conditions for free surfing and riding.

Tarifa is a nightlife spot with lively parties all night long, making it a more suitable destination for solo vacationers or small groups of friends. Hotels are located in the nearby city area, as are many bars serving the area’s famous tapas.

Maui – Hawaii

Hawaii is an archipelago known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Includes Maui, Hawaii’s second largest island and has tremendous windsurfing spots for people of all levels. You will find the best windsurfing beaches on the island’s north coast.

Local beaches like Kanaha Beach Park allow beginners to hone their windsurfing skills on flat water. Meanwhile, Ho’okipa Park and Spreckelsville Beach Park offer advanced windsurfers a much more challenging wave sailing environment. The relatively rocky Ho’okipa Beach is considered a “must-visit” by windsurfing experts.

maui windsurfing
Maui – Hawaii is one of the Best Windsurfing Spots in the World

Maui is home to year-round trade winds that blow mainly from the right, also known as the “starboard tack”. Windsurfing conditions are best from May to August, but some people have been able to start in March or April.

Overall, the area around Maui is family-friendly and packed with resorts, restaurants, and amenities you’d expect from a primarily residential town. Although there are surf schools for families with older children, Maui would also be an excellent destination for adventurous honeymooners.

Jericoacoara – Brazil

Jericoacoara Beach is located on the west coast of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Brazil. It is one of the northern towns of the northeastern state of Ceara, Brazil. This beach is nicknamed “Jeri” because of the continuous strong trade winds from June to January/February. So the average sail size in Jeri is 3.5 to 4.7 to qualify for use in these weather conditions.

Jeri is generally known for its flat, sandy beaches. Intermediate and advanced windsurfers enjoy excellent wave sailing conditions at this site and are not a preference for beginners.

jericoacoara windsurfing spots
Jericoacoara – Brazil is a beach with difficult windsurfing conditions, suitable for those who love high challenges.

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The sea in Jeri offers effortless waves, perfect for those trying to jump and ride the waves for the first time. Freestyle swimmers also love these conditions, and it’s incredible to watch them twist and turn in mid-air.

On the shore, while Jeri’s traditional fishing villages have dwindled, the bars and nightlife are second to none. When night falls, people often gather at the beaches to watch locals play Brazilian Forro music outside on the street. From there, it’s clear that Jeri would best suit couples or adult groups.

Above is the Best Windsurfing Spots Around the World. Surely this list will be able to add many more destinations. So, follow our Website regularly to stay updated with the latest Windsurfing news.