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[2023] The Benefits of Rowing: Improving Fitness and Mental Health

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Rowing is not just simply a water sport, but it is also a comprehensive form of exercise. It can provide rowers with many health benefits, both mentally and physically. This article will show some benefits of rowing and help you understand why rowing is a great activity to improve your health.

Physical benefits of rowing

Improve heart condition

One of the most notable benefits of rowing on the body is that rowing is a good cardio exercise, which will improve your heart strength. During the rowing process, your health will consume a considerable amount of oxygen, which will speed up blood circulation, from that improve your heart health.

Increase strength and body-adjusting ability

Rowing will require rowers to use their bodies comprehensively to generate strength to push the boat forward. Regular exercises will help increase muscle power, especially arm, leg, and back muscles. Moreover, as rowing will need the body to adjust itself properly to maintain the balance, it will help you increase your body’s self-adjusting ability.

rowing benefits
Rowing can bring you both physical…

Diet and weight control

Diet and weight loss are ranked among one of the most satisfying benefits of rowing as an exercise. According to the latest research, one hour of rowing can burn from 800 to 1000 calories. Getting rid of some calories from food will do many wonders to the attempt of dieting and weight loss.

Prevent injury and backage

Rowing is a form of exercise that is less likely to cause injury. When you do sports, you will develop a more enormous belief in your body through training. In that way, you will have a more resilient body condition and also know how to stay away from injuries, more explicitly, hurting your back. The benefits of rowing are not just limited to preventing getting injured in rowing. Still, they are also expanded to daily activities like working and entertaining.

Mental benefits of rowing

Worries and stress relief

Rowing is a fantastic activity for worries and stress relief. The fact that you are focusing on rowing and its speed will help you forget about the stress and concerns inside your head. From that, you will feel more relaxed and ready to encounter new challenges.

Improve mood and mental health

It may be surprising to many people when improving mood and mental health are listed among the variety of benefits of rowing. But according to one recent research, rowing is an activity that is good for mental health. When you focus on your goals and try to surpass your limits, you will feel happier and prouder about yourself.

Improve concentration

Rowing will require rowers for a high level and ability of concentration. Concentrating on rowing on a regular basis will help you focus better on other daily missions, especially like working and studying.

rowing on a lake
…and mental benefits

Improve confidence and teamwork

Rowing is a social activity, and it will ask for collaboration between rowers. The support and encouragement received from teammates will make you believe more in yourself and boost your self-confidence. What is more, you will know how to work more effectively with different people from different backgrounds with varied viewpoints. As a result, you can also practice people management and argument-solving skills when you take up rowing.

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How to get started with rowing

Above are some brilliant benefits of rowing, and if you want to take up this sport, try to find out information about local rowing clubs or gyms equipped with rowing materials. You can even hire a boat and row on your nearest lake. Before starting, make sure you are appropriately trained about rowing techniques and safety precautions. It would be best if you also used some protective gadgets to ensure your best safety.

When you start, you should start with some easy exercises and increasing difficulty levels step by step. Try rowing for a short period; after that, increase the rowing time day by day. If you are not familiar with this kind of activity, start with slow rowing and increase the rowing speed gradually to let your body adapt.

Besides, make sure to have nutritious meals and drink enough water before, during, and after exercising to help the body revise in the fastest and most effective way.

rowing on a river
You should start at an easy level and increase difficulty gradually

Recommended techniques and tips for rowing

To maximize the benefits of rowing, beginners or even professionals have to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Fix sitting posture: Correct sitting posture is the most critical aspect of rowing. Put your right leg in the middle of the steering wheel and the left leg in the boat stern. Adjust the height of the seat to fit your height, too.
  • Breathe correctly: You need to deeply breathe in and out to increase your strength and resilience when rowing. Try breathing through your nose, keep that breath, and let it out gradually through your mouth.
  • Control the rowing angle: When rowing, make sure both the rowing angle and the water surface are on the same line. This will boost the speed and the efficiency when you are rowing.
  • Control the rowing time: Controlling the steering wheel in the right amount of time will help to increase the speed and reduce the resistance force. Keep an eye on the amount of time between steering wheels to ensure the fastest speed and the best efficiency.
  • Focus on the power of thighs and leg muscles: Rowing will ask for strength from thighs and leg muscles; focus on increasing the power of those muscles.

In conclusion, the number of benefits of rowing is various. Rowing is a wonderful activity to improve both mental and physical health. Focusing on rowing and its speed will enable you to relax and relieve stress, improve your mood and mental health, and increase your concentration level and confidence. It will reduce the risks of encountering injuries and backage in daily life.

If you are looking for an activity or sport that can do a lot of wonders for your health, try practicing rowing. This will not only help you to achieve relaxation and mental balance, but it will also help you to attain a beautiful and healthy body. From that, you will have greater confidence, and you will be ready to take bolder steps.